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  1. Web Queries for Mac: Yes, You Can, and Here’s How
  2. Analyze Data Tables from the Web Using Microsoft Excel
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  4. Analyze Data Tables from the Web Using Microsoft Excel

Rather than downloading a new CSV or Excel file, you simply hit the Refresh button in Excel where you have your web query housed, and the data will update. On the Windows version of Excel, dropping a web query into your report takes maybe clicks. In this guide, I will walk you through the process of dropping a web query into an Excel file on a Mac.

Automating Web Query in Excel 2016

In order to call a web query on the Mac version of Excel, the query needs to exist in a specially formatted text file. Creating this file is pretty easy; start with opening Microsoft Word or whatever text editor you use and pasting the URL to your web query on the first line. Next you are going to want to save this as an. To do this, simply change the format to Plain Text.

Web Queries for Mac: Yes, You Can, and Here’s How

Save this file wherever you would like; just remember the location because you will need to import the file in Excel. Your text editor may ask you to specify how you would like to encode the text file. Next you will need to import the file in Excel. To do so, first select which cell you would like the web query tables to start at. Next you will be prompted to choose which file you would like to import. You may be prompted to enter your login information if your web query is being called from a 3 rd -party platform. Enter your credentials here. After you hit connect, if you followed these steps correctly, you should have imported your web query into Excel!

Web queries are great for budget pacing, report building, or recurring tasks such as identifying poor keywords or opportunities. When he's not helping innovative companies grow, Sean enjoys traveling, building computers, and fondly recalling that one time the Golden State Warriors blew a lead to the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Or does it only work if the reference files are saved on your computer?

Step 1: Create the Web Query File

I am trying to create an auto refresh stock chart for someone else to open and refresh on their mac. Thank you! After doing so, cell A1 just contains webquery. Dear Sean, I am following the steps you shown above, I use MacBook, to get the stock price historical data from Yahoo. Please advise. Thank you.

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Hi Sean, great great help thanks a ton. Just imported from openexchangerates. Shawn, Botswana. Hi, Is there any way to download multiple links in a single document. For eg. I want to download the whole table distributed in 6 pages.


Analyze Data Tables from the Web Using Microsoft Excel

Hope I made it clear. I tried creating. However, only the first link was taken and downloaded. Is there anyway out?

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Please help me with this. Any advice is appreciated.

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I had this working for some time but recently its stopped working, the data query starts but no data is pasted into the sheet, it just remains blank. I have tried all sorts of things to get it going with no luck, has anyone else had this problem? This is the subhead for the blog post.

About the author Sean McEntee. Let's suppose you want to see how many products you are selling, according to category and country.

There are many different shopping cart databases you might be using such as osCommerce , but they all have similar tables defined for storing customer, product, and sales information. We will use the NorthWind example database, whose defined tables should map easily to your own database tables. Please contact us if you have any problems using the tables in your database. In this example, we will start with a new spreadsheet, although you could import your data into an existing spreadheet if you wanted.

After you enter your database's user ID and password if needed , you will see the main window for Microsoft Query. One of the Windows will include a list of tables defined in your database:. For our report, we will select the following tables one at a time and press the "Add Table" for each one: Categories, Products, Orders, Order Details, and Customers:.

Analyze Data Tables from the Web Using Microsoft Excel

The tables we have selected are related to each other. For example, the Categories table and the Products table are related to each other by the fact that they both contain a field named CategoryID. We need to link the tables together by drawing a line between the related tables this is known as a "join". When we drag a line between one table to the related table, MS Query will display a dialog like this:. After we have drawn the links between the tables, the next step is to specify the fields from each table that we want to appear in our results.

We add a field to our results by double-clicking the field name within the table:. Now that we've specified the columns that will appear in our results, we can try out our query by pressing the "Test! If there is no error in our query, we should see the records that will be imported into the spreadsheet:. Once we're satisfied with our query, we press the "Return Data" button in the lower right corner of the window to import our results into Excel. Excel will then prompt us for the location to place the results:.

Once the data is in your spreadsheet, you can perform all the functions on the data supported by Excel, such as summation.