Mac mini crashes on shutdown

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I found the free space of disk is only M, maybe it is the reason, but how to fix it? Is the external disk in Mac OS Extended format? If not, you may need to reformat it to get full compatibility with Mac files. This is especially if you're going to use it as a boot disk see below ; in this case you'll also have to make sure it's formatted with a GPT partition scheme. This will, of course, erase the current contents of the disk, so if there's anything important on that, it needs to be backed up first.

You need to get the internal disk to mount, so you can get at the files on it. OS X will sometimes refuse to even mount a badly damaged disk. If it's not mounting at all, my go-to tool is Alsoft's DiskWarrior , which is good at both repairing the file structure in place, and also if it's beyond that mounting a virtual cleaned-up version of the volume that you can copy files off of.

Finally, you need some way to actually copy the files: If you're familiar with the command line, you can use Terminal in Recovery mode for this; but if you're not already familiar with the command line, this is not a good time to try it out. You can also use Finder, but it's not available in Recovery mode.

Note that you could also download, install, and run DiskWarrior from the external if necessary. You can use Migration Assistant to copy off your entire user account. It can also copy things like applications; but I'd recommend reinstalling them clean rather than copying possibly-damaged ones. As with the Finder, this isn't available in Recovery mode, so you'd need to install OS X on the external. Once that's done, you can either run Migration Assistant during the initial setup of the new system one of the screens it goes through is labelled something like "Transfer information from another computer?

Gordon Davisson Gordon Davisson I need to copy some files on the root disk to an extenal disk before formatting, How can I do? There is an external Toshiba hard disk 1TB connected to the mac mini, mac mini hard disk is G, I hope to copy more files as I can.

How can I do? Is there a way to copy all datas on the disk to another disk? I have mounted the disk, after this time I will use timemachine everyday!! Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Sign up using Facebook. Sign up using Email and Password. Post as a guest Name. Email Required, but never shown.

Medical School or Games Industry? So this is the setup see also vm-crash-note. The web frontend breaks my ascii art Probably unrelated: I use Little Snitch 2. I'm seeing the same crashing behaviour, only when stopping a VM. I'm on OSX I'm not using the wifi connection from my mac-mini. Here I upload the last crash I've seen when shutting down 3 VM at about the same time and having a 4th VM still running. I am seeing these panics also.

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As is my colleague. I have a panic log, kext.

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I'd suggest this is more than a major. We are currently in the process of porting to libvirt so that we can move off VirtualBox. It's just too flakey. Same issue with VirtualBox 4. I downgraded to version 4. I will update here if it happened again. I also had to downgrade to 4. And the new 4. Right, VBox 4. I might ask what specific Mac hardware individuals are using who are seeing this issue? Ticket had NIC-specific networking changes which only applied to Mac Pro and Xserve hardware at least I think those are the only models that had the specific controller.

Just thought I'd bring it up as networking issues may be a possible link--not necessarily a regression here but perhaps just something hardware related. Reverted to 4. Haven't tried 4. I agree with the problem being network related when more than one VM is involved. My setup includes multiple VMs where one acts as a router for all other systems. It runs DNSmasq and has IPtables configured to route traffic from the internal interface eth1 and out to the internet via eth0. Basically there would be large timeout periods per request for data over the network, e.

I can't confirm exactly when the problem happens, but it feels it happens most when the router VM is shut down than anything else. I tried disabling wifi, same problem I tried upgrading to 4. I tried downgrading to 4. My machine is a 15 inch macbook pro the first one with thunderbolt which has a core 2,2 ghz core i7 processor and 8gb hmz ddr3 memory. Operating system: Mountain Lion I also experienced this on various releases of Lion and Mountain Lion VirtualBox Version: 4.

Probably earlier versions. Fortunately the author of Vagrant is decoupling it from VirtualBox , so another hypervisor will be usable for Vagrant, since VirtualBox has proved largely instable and unreliable. I have Mac OS Under Mac OS But if there are running VM, uninstalling procedure crashes my Mac I can not provide log, since crash looses logs Hey, there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

We actually found and fixed a bug which is most likely responsible for all these host panics. It affects only bit hosts and Mac OS X hosts. We are doing some more tests. You can expect a 4. That's great news, Frank. Just out of professional curiosity, what was the root cause for the bug you fixed?

Mac Mini Crashing and Shutting Down | MacRumors Forums

I noticed in another bug report that the problem on bit hosts might have been correlated with nested paging being enabled. The root cause was kernel memory corruption when shutting down a VM while at least one other VM was running. Since the memory corruption was unpredictable, it might do nothing bad at all or it might crash the host.

Especially on systems with relatively large amount of free memory, this bug tended to remain hidden. On the other hand, it could also crash the system after the last VM had been shut down.

Mac Mini Crashing and Shutting Down

This had absolutely nothing to do with nested paging BTW. If someone thought nested paging, networking, 3D or anything like that had any effect on this bug, they simply drew incorrect conclusions from essentially random data which is very tempting. A Mac store 'genius' guy some months ago couldn't explain the high number of panics I get, but said since I'd been running VBox, it might have made other apps unpredictably unstable.

Other software developers, looking at crash logs, see random stuff, 'all over the place', that they can't explain, involved in crashes. Yes, Apple took the Mini and did the hardware stress test. All ok. Depends on what you mean by "random crashes of other application". Kernel panics, yes. Application crashes "app quit unexpectedly" , probably not. But the actual application which was active during the kernel panic was often not VirtualBox. Which made all the panic logs that people submitted kind of useless, unfortunately - there kernel panics were not pointing in any particular direction, just random crashes seemingly always page faults.

This was actually an early 4. Triggering shutdown of parallel VMs. Fane, please open a separate ticket. Your crash is completely different from the one described here. I guess your Mac is very new Intel Broadwell or newer. Oh, and could you also provide the output of 'sudo dmesg' and attach it to this ticket? There is no need to start a VM, just make sure that VirtualBox 4. Contact — Privacy policy — Terms of Use. Login Preferences. Browse Source. Ticket closed defect: fixed Opened 8 years ago Last modified 4 years ago. Description last modified by frank diff After the 4.

Latest crash report file. Another post-shutdown panic. Switched to Ubuntu Crash occurred with 4. Another 4. Another crash.

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Crash on shutdown of VM with no other VMs running. Just hit my first 4. Crash during 4. Panic file with kextstat output, OS X Crash with 3 shuting down guests and a 4th one still running. References comment 29 VBox. References comment 29 VB Panic 8. Crash report. Last edited 7 years ago by icknay previous diff. Wireless turned off and only using wired ethernet.

Using bridged and host-only. I just posted my current state on the forum: I've been running trouble-free with a mix of Ubuntu Last edited 7 years ago by jglogan previous diff. Changed 7 years ago by jglogan attachment Archive.

Changed 7 years ago by jglogan attachment VBox.