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  1. Use System Information
  2. How to find out program serial number through Terminal? | MacRumors Forums
  3. How to find out program serial number through Terminal?
  4. Get a Macs Serial Number from the Command Line

Use System Information

Just a thought Those seem to be the unique ones. Looking at the same data for the "middle5" via the MID function shows only 2 that are duplicate, and they were two different models, 1 a 13" MBA, and the other a 13" MBP. Now don't ask me to write an awk or sed to extract that KSchroeder You make a good point about the last 5 of the serial not being particularly unique. I don't know for sure how aporzio1 had planned on using that string. He mentions using it as part of a password, but I don't know any more beyond that or what else it would be combined with.

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Another option for a unique string to grab from the system might be one section of the UUID string. I doubt that 2nd or 3rd or 4th section of the UUID string would be very common amongst other systems.

How to find out program serial number through Terminal? | MacRumors Forums

If the serial number is what he wants to use, and assuming your point on the common-ness of the last 5 is relevant in this case, then we can grab a section from the "middle" of the Serial Number with bash parameter expansion. Unfortunately that's a little harder to do in a one-liner, or at least I haven't found a good way of doing that. Note that with a 12 character serial number there's no exact middle 5, so the best we can do is get characters 5 - 9. With a 13 character serial number, the above expansion would give you exactly the middle 5, characters 5 - 9 with 1 - 4 on the left and 10 - 13 on the right both being discarded.

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How to find out program serial number through Terminal?

Most of the data can be retrieved from ioreg, and ioreg is much faster. If the procedure needs to be performed repeatedly, can a new dedicated user be set up with the whole command set as the shell? The reason to do this would be to set up ssh to allow a no-password login if you're coming in from only specific machines, but the account will have very limited access. The script logs in to the remote machines correctly, and I get an "OK" for each machine, but something seems to be breaking on the output. Any suggestions?

All machines are running And if you have to put the password into the script, please make sure the appropriate read permissions are set so it cannot be read by unintended eyes. Typically, csh and tcsh are easier since they work more like C for those of you who program.

I write shell scripts using sh, bash, csh, and tcsh. I use the shell which gets the job done best. There are cases where I'd rather use sh over tcsh. There are other cases where tcsh works better and should be used. Calling one shell better than the other like this author does pigeonholes us.

Get a Macs Serial Number from the Command Line

Would you rather have just one OS in the world? Do you think it would be a better place? Since you're here on the OSX hints forum, I'd guess you wouldn't.

Being new to UNIX, what would the command for getting more info extracted out of system profiler look like? I tried the following and nothing happened.

Linux/Mac Terminal Tutorial: How To Use The find Command

Jerry, "grep" is a filter program. After the first grep there are no more lines left. Works beautifully! This will save a lot of time creating an inventory, once I get the script put together. Thanks again.