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  1. How to pick the best monitor for your new Mac mini
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The system just takes the first 2 monitors it can find and the 3rd is ignored. Mac mini Late , macOS Sierra Posted on Oct 17, AM. Page content loaded. I understand that you have been having some issues with your 3rd display not being recognized by your Mac mini. I'm happy to provide some help for this issue. Get help with video issues on external displays connected to your Mac - Apple Support.

Oct 20, AM. Oct 20, AM in response to MoonJ. In response to MoonJ. Thanks for going through that and following up. After some additional searching I checked the technical specifications for your Mac mini and found the following:. Mac mini Late - Technical Specifications.

How to pick the best monitor for your new Mac mini

Oct 20, PM. Oct 21, PM in response to MoonJ. I checked the specs first when researching that subject, but I also found several posts where People stated they had managed to adjust 3 monitors with their Mac mini and one of those statements was even approved by an Apple technician. Oct 21, PM.

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Betalogue » New three-monitor (4K + 5K + 4K) setup for my Mac Pro

When you shop for a monitor, pay attention to the type of connector that comes bundled with the monitor. As Geoffrey Morrison explained here , if it's at all possible, avoid VGA as it doesn't offer pixel-perfect image quality. Since Apple abandoned both connection types long ago, you'll need to purchase the corresponding Mini DisplayPort adapter i. The adapter converts the signal coming from the monitor, making it compatible with your Mac. Don't sweat if you own a newer Mac with a Thunderbolt port -- it doubles as a Mini DisplayPort as well. The adapter isn't terribly expensive if you get it from online stores like Amazon or Monoprice.

For those who prefer to get accessories direct from the source, you can also find them in the Apple Store. Some users report that the official adapters are more reliable, but I've had success with the third-party variety. Once you've acquired all the necessary parts, set up your monitor, power it on and plug it into your Mac's Thunderbolt or Mini DisplayPort. At this point, make sure you're logged into your computer and have both screens powered up.

Which looks better

After connecting everything, your Mac will begin mirroring its display to the new monitor automatically. In the configuration window, you'll see both displays stacked to indicate mirroring mode. To disable mirroring, uncheck the box just below the display preview window located next to the "Mirror Displays" text. Both screens will go black for a brief moment. When they come back you'll have two different desktops, with the menu bar and dock being restricted to only appearing on one.

Run More Than 3 Monitors on the 2018 & 12222 Mac Mini

OS X will automatically determine the ideal resolution for both screens, but should you want to tweak this setting, you can do so by selecting the Display tab within Displays the preferences panel. Using the arrangement window, you can move adjust the layout of your monitors to reflect how they are actually set up on your desk. Keep in mind, this will also determine the side of your screen to which you move your mouse to switch between displays. So long as the displays are "touching" in the arrangement window, you can arrange the displays however you'd like.

Top, bottom, right, left - it doesn't matter. As just mentioned, the menu bar and dock is only present on one display technically the menu bar is present on the secondary display, but its transparency is nearly see-through , making it the primary screen. In this same settings pane, you can drag the white bar that represents the menu bar to the screen you want to set as primary. Again, the displays will go black, then light back up to reflect the new settings. Have an extra iMac sitting around the house? Did you know you can use it as a second monitor for a MacBook?