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  1. Blackmagic eGPU | Blackmagic Design
  2. Use an external graphics processor with your Mac
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Choose a GPU that suits performance and budget you need. Turn your laptop into a powerful workstation.

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Blackmagic eGPU | Blackmagic Design

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How I Made My 2013 Mac Pro Relevant Again with eGPUs

BizonBOX 3. External GPU for Mac.

The Most RIDICULOUS MacBook Pro

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Use an external graphics processor with your Mac

You can configure applications to use an eGPU with one of the following methods. Select the app in the Finder. Most apps are in your Applications folder. Then select the original app. Press Command-I to show the app's info window. Open the app to use it with the eGPU. Select Displays, then select the Arrangement tab. Drag the white menu bar to the box that represents the display that's attached to the eGPU. The more powerful variants offer laptop charging up to 87W, and the W model can power a W card with an additional W of peak power where required.

Looking for an all-in-one solution? The Razer Core X is both more powerful and less expensive than the Core V2, though it presents itself as a less refined product. Lacking the fancy LEDs and styling found in the V2, the Core X delivers the goods with a W power supply capable of driving a full-length W graphics card.

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Compatibility includes most major cards from Nvidia and AMD, and it can charge laptops up to W too. Since Apple and Intel have pretty much doubled the throughput with each iteration of the technology, the viability of the eGPU is only going to improve in future. By changing some of your computing habits, you could improve its performance. These 7 big mistakes can slow down your Mac.


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