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If there is a file conflict, the file manager will ask you what to do with that specific file.

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By default, it just offers two options — Stop or Replace. Replacing the old folder actually deletes all files in the old folder.

Deleting Backups of Any Machine

If you ever see this dialog while trying to move one or more folders, you should probably just click Stop. Instead, you need to use a secret handshake to access it.

How to Set Up Time Machine in macOS Mojave - External HDD

Mac OS X To access it, you have to hold down the Option key as you drag-and-drop a folder into the same location. Problems arise when you have files with the same name in each folder. The ditto command is an improved version of the standard Unix cp command , which you could also used if you like. Unlike the Finder, ditto automatically merges folders. As its manual page puts it:.

The -V part of the command is optional, but it lets us see what ditto is actually doing.

How to transfer a Time Machine backup to another backup drive | Macworld

Feel free to omit it. Unlike the Finder, the ditto command forcibly overwrites the contents of the destination folder with the contents of the source folder. First, it took about 22 hours to what I thought was the full transfer, then the transfer said it was transferring 0 bytes of x Tb to x Tb and it would be 5 seconds.

Yet, the original 2 Tb drive had over Gb remaining. My plan was to use my new 4 Tb for both the iMac and a MacBook air.