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You can use it to make vegan frostings, cream sauce, cheese, cheesecake, mayo, milk alternatives, ice cream, dips…the list probably goes on and on! If you make our mac and cheese or any or recipe on our blog, please let us know what you think in the comments below! This dish is made with simple plant-based ingredients and will definitely be a hit with any vegan or nonvegan you serve it to! Thank you for supporting Sweet Simple Vegan!

This looks so yummy!!!! Will the cheese sauce still be successful if I used baked or boiled potato instead of steamed? Not sure whether or not I actually have a steamer! You can opt for tahini or sunflower seed butter. This recipe look delicious and I just bought all the ingredients to make it. Do you know what the severing size is for the nutritional information that you provided?

In this case, since it is going into the oven cold from the fridge, add an extra 5 minutes of baking time. The nutritional yeast really brings it with the cheesy flavor in this sauce! But yes you can leave it out without it ruining the recipe, but I do recommend you leave it in. The sauce can be made gluten-free if you use a gluten-free all purpose flour blend as a direct replacement or use cornstarch if using cornstarch then use half the amount as called for in the original recipe. And then of course you can use a gluten-free macaroni.

You would then need to use gluten-free bread for the crumb topping, or alternatively you could add vegan cheese to the top instead of breadcrumbs. Some vegan coleslaw or a delicious vegan kale salad or black bean and corn salad would also go very well. It is:. Keep leftovers covered in the fridge where they will keep very well for days. So let us know what you think of this classic baked vegan mac and cheese recipe in the comments and please rate it too!

Thanks so much. But if there are two of you it will save considerable time to do both at once. Hi I'm Alison! Find out more about me here. Hi Wendy! Sure, just use a low sodium vegetable stock and reduce the salt added. All the best! I have to say, my Mac and cheese is still in the oven, but the sauce in this recipe is remarkable! Thanks so much for your awesome comment KaLee, so happy you love the sauce and have been enjoying the recipes! Made this tonight with modifications for what I carry in my pantry. Also I only had one can of coconut milk so I used that and two cups of unsweetened almond milk.

Everything else I I followed the recipe. Turned out perfect. Nice and creamy. And while NO vegan recipe will ever taste like real cheese, this is right up there on the flavor bursting cheeziness. Thanks so much for the recipe. Please let me know? Thank ya. Hi Wendy, vegetable stock often has a high sodium content, so if you choose one with a low sodium content and then also reduce the salt or use a low sodium salt this will greatly reduce the sodium content.

Hi Alison! I made it for the dinner today and it was a perfection! My 3yr daughter tried only Mac and cheese without the baked breadcrumbs and said mommy I want a whole bowl! Had to mixed it up with coconut milk and almond milk. I only had one carton of a coconut milk was ml or something so used almond milk for the rest. Turned out amazing! This mac and cheese is my ultimate favorite.

Thanks for sharing this recipe. Thank you! Hi Jennifer, yes you can. It will result in a less rich sauce, but totally still works! I just made this recipe. I have noticed one difference. Your sauce is yellow and mine is white. I no longer use vegan margarine or potatoes and have added a boost of nutrition and whole food protein in the revised recipe in my ebook, Comfortably Yum.

Keep up the great work! It would make a fantastic mac and cheese! I used larger macaroni and it felt a little bland, so I sauteed some bell peppers and added those to the mix, it was an excellent pairing. How crucial are they to the flavor? This sheezny is totally awesome! My favorite food on Earth can now be enjoyed with a plant-strong, low oil diet.

Thank you so much!! Made the recipe basically to the letter…. Crazy awesome. My husband just kissed me a fat one for this Mac. I would compare the flavour to a milder, more savoury Indian korma sauce. Will be making this recipe regularly! This was soooo good. I made it with sweet potatoes and a dash of dijon instead and it was the bomb. My new favorite recipe! Vegan for almost a year and have really missed homemade mac and cheese.

Oh, and I added in some steamed broccoli with the pasta for extra nutrition. Hi just wanted to know exactly What makes the sauce yellow? The potatoes mixed with the carrots? Looks quite simple by the way! THank you I will make and Let you know if my kids loved. I usually use vegan Cheddar cheese and melt with the coconut milk. Hi Dulce, Yes, the carrots mixed with potato are what makes the sauce yellow.

This is an excellent recipe. I make a triple batch in my blender with the contents almost spilling out the top!!! All my kids love it and this is going to become a regular in our house :. This is super! I used cashew milk instead of coconut; there are already cashews in it, right? Hi Lindsey! Thank you for this masterpiece!

My kids love it, too! Just made this…. Creamy goodness for sure. You nailed it! I know I will make this many more times in the future! So seriously delicious! I made this for my husband and myself tonight and we both loved it. I have severe ulcerative colitis and dairy makes me sick — I was amazed at how creamy and thick this sauce was with no dairy at all. My husband has no dietary restrictions and he loved it too. I subbed almond milk for the coconut milk and used rice pasta.

The only adjustments I think it needed were raw garlic, about 3 times the nutritional yeast, and 3 times the lemon juice. I also added some white pepper. Do you think you can freeze the left over sauce? Also, do you think it would be ok to cut back the nutritional yeast to one tablespoon? I made this last night for my non-vegan boyfriend and he loved it!!

It was soo easy and really delicious. I need to get a processor that makes the nut bits smaller though. This is a fantastic recipe! My family loves the taste and were surprised to learn that it was vegan. Thankfully, this recipe and Chao vegan cheese have saved me from such misery! It tastes better than any dairy mac and cheese I ever had. My fiance agreed. The only change I would make is to go easier on the lemon juice.

Next time I plan on going with a teaspoon, instead of a tablespoon. Otherwise, it is perfect. Do you think another type of nuts could be used for people who are allergic to cashews? Is there a potato-free option? Or possibly an option using something less starchy? My daughter is allergic to carrots, can I use parsnips instead? I also think she has intolerance to milk so we are going to try a vegan diet for a month and see how she does.

This is an amazing recipe! My 1 and 4 year old love it. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I make this often!

Easy Vegan Mac and Cheese (oil-free)

So wonderful! We always have cashews on hand and the only things we had to buy were the potatoes, onion, and pasta. Love it!!! I, too, did not follow the directions. My grand daughter was recently tested for allergies we discovered that all of her respiratory issues come from a severe dairy allergy. Try telling a 3 year old that mac-n-cheese is now off her menu- so sad : Will make this for dinner tonight when she comes to stay with me. We make this in our house on the regular.

I use the cheese for broccoli and even Vegan Nachos! It feels so naughty to eat it but it is packed full of healthy stuff! I used Yukon Gold potato and 1 clove of fresh garlic. I also boiled the cashews with the veggies to get them extra tender. Other than that, I followed the recipe to a t. I absolutely love this recipe. As a recent vegetarian-turned-vegan, who had cheese lust, this is a godsend. Does the recipe work without the yeast flakes? This is delicious! About to make it for the second time. Any idea about freezing?

Should be okay but wondering if you have any insight. Using Palm oil is one of the worst affects on urangatans. Just made this and it came out awesome! The only thing I did different was I did not have carrots only orange bell peppers. So I roasted them on my GForeman grill and then added to the water with the other veggies. And then added 2 tablespoons of grey poupon mustard and used only 3 tablespoons of the water to make it thick. This is the best vegan recipe for Mac n cheese ever! He asked me to make it again. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and helping those like me who have just started out.

It really nailed the taste and consistency of the real thing, but so much healthier! The family loved it, this will definitely be one of our regulars. I just tried making this recipe tonight for an experimental dinner. The only thing I did differently was follow one of the fellow commentators recipe by omitting the cashews and coconut milk. I did try it with almonds because I had them. But the end result was super flavorful. The color alone would fool a cow cheese lover very easily. I want to try it with a vegan cheese instead to see if I can get that gooey cheesy consistency. Because that would be my only con about this, I missed that melty affect of it.

I will try it the original way as posted when I remake it again and see how the cashews and coco milk lend to the flavor. I am a vegan. I made this dish once before and i did not bake it at the end.

Easy Vegan Mac and Cheese

It was so good. My husband also a vegan, says this is the bomb. My son came over tonight to try it. I posted my picture of our dinner on Facebook. Got a lot of requests for the reciepe. Im always glad to share because I keep hoping to enlighten more people about the wonderful world of healthy vegans. Hi, I made this tonight and it was great. The only substitution I made was soy milk for coconut milk.

I already had that open. Even my omnivore husband loved it and had seconds. Made this tonight! It was super yummy! And hit my craving perfectly! I put a little too much garlic but otherwise great. I also added a bit of cumin and extra mustard as well. I absolutely love using cashew cheese; this looks divine!

Thanks for sharing this lovely recipe along with the beautiful pictures! Deliciously divine. I was skeptical it would taste like carrots whilst blending, but not at all. Warm, comforting, nutritious and the perfect catalyst to introducing others to how delicious veganism can. I may add cannellini beans next time for additional flavor and benefits. As an additional benefit, the sauce can be used for more than just mac and cheese. Lindsay you are the best! I love this recipe. Thank you very much for posting this delicious recipe.

The hardest thing I had to do was give up cheese when I started down the vegan path. This is yummy and my husband likes it too. Keep up the good work. But is there an alternative to coconut milk, like would almond milk work instead? I always get really sick after eating coconut products. Seriously though, keep the recipes coming.

I made this today for some vegan company that is coming over. It is delicious!!!!!! I actually like it more than regular mac and cheese! It was my first time trying vegan mac and cheese and I could NOT believe how delicious it was! Several of my non-vegan friends preferred it over the regular mac and cheese.

This recipe is amazing! I gave it to one of my friends without telling her it was vegan and she thought it was the best mac and cheese ever! She wanted to become vegan after and just live of the mac and cheese! Just made this, followed the recipe exactly, and it was horrific. Not creamy or smooth at all. I have an amazing food processor and everything was processed just fine. Complete lack of taste. My kids, who generally find all food offensive, gobbled it all up without a single complaint.

My four year old even high-fived me after dinner. I made this recipe with kelp noodles instead which have a completely different texture, but are worth it at about 6 — 12 calories per serving. I also added some dill because I always put dill in mac nd cheese. I also put in bread crumbs and baked because yum.

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Tried this recipe out on my non-vegan, cheese-loving, but dairy sensitive family. It was a hit! Thanks for a fast, easy recipe that will be going into my weeknight rotation! The cashews really make a difference. I subbed unsweetened almond milk and it was so good. Thank you for this recipe!!! I made this the other day and it was amazing!

I prefered it to real mac n cheese, its that good! Do you think I could make a double batch of sauce and freeze half for another day? This reminded me so much of the white cheddar mac and cheese I used to eat as a kid. I followed the recipe exactly except that I used light coconut milk instead of regular and added a drizzle of olive oil, a bit of extra garlic, black pepper and a pinch of turmeric for color.

Thanks so much for this recipe! Hi I made your recipe last night and it turned out great! I would like to post this on my blog and of course give you the credit! Let me know if that would be ok? I love that you posted it this way! I am not a fan of mac and cheese so have not looked for a vegan substitute. I like the idea of just a creamy sauce to put over veggies or pasta. I want to take vegan food as it is and not necessarily a substitute for meat, etc. Thanks again! Another non-vegan with Vegan relatives. However, I ate 3 3!!! It was that good. I finally got the recipe myself and am going to make it tonight.

Hope it turns out as good as I remember it. If all Vegan food tasted this good, I might make the switch. Hi do you need to soak the raw cashews? Many recipes calls for soaking for several hours or overnight. I will definitely be making this again and again! Just made this for dinner and its tasted great, really creamy. Will definitely become one of our family favourites. This cheese tastes better than the real thing!

This is the best by far. I am not a vegan, but I cooked a special dinner for a couple of friends That are vegans. I am an accomplished home chef and when I found this recipe I thought this sounds ok. My plan, add dried porcini mushrooms that I ground to dust to the veggies while it cooked. In addition, I sauted a variety of mushrooms with olive oil and garlic and tossed them on top of the Mac n cheese. This was delicious!

I just made this and it was great but I added some fresh garlic into the vegetable mix as well as some bacon grease and ground sausage. I am allergic to dairy so this is a great substitute!! The reason I added the bacon grease is the yeast after taste was a little too strong from me so I was attempting to dull that smell and flavor. Do you think i could substitute almond extract for the cashews? If so do I need more dry ingredients? All my dinner guests last night were floored by how much the taste resembles cheese.

Great recipe — thank you!!! You might have to play with the recipe just a little bit to get it how you want it, but potatoes, carrots, onions, and coconut milk could make a winning vegan cheese, guaranteed. Luckily enough, I had all this stuff on hand—had to go rotini, though.

I stir-fried up some broccoli and tossed it right in. So very much yum.

Vegan Mac And Cheese

The toddler just asked for more. I want to try this recipe. Did you use unsweetened coconut milk or regular coconut milk? Hi Hawah, I use regular canned coconut milk that you find in the Asian section of your grocery store. This sounds great! Do you use just the fat from the coconut or do you stir it and than measure it? Thanks, Jen. I use canned coconut milk, and I stir the whole thing together—although, if you want a super rich mac and cheese, I imagine you could just use the fat. You can. I made this and roasted garlic and butternut squash in the oven with salt and oil at for an hour and added that in the blender and then season all of it to taste at the end adding turmeric and pepper.

Oh my lord that is the most amazing sauce I have ever tasted in my life. Ever since I read this recipe a few weeks ago I have made it 3 times. Today will be my fourth. After reading the comments I thought it was a bit too good to be true so i spent an hour scrolling through more comments to find that one comment saying this recipe wasnt all that its cracked up to be which i did find so I could mentally prepare myself for when all hell broke lose.

With that being said, I tried this recipe for Thanksgiving and it was absolutely yummy! The sauce is seriously amazing and I just followed the recipe step by step. I have a pretty standard blender so I soaked my cashews overnight for maybe hours I started cooking later than expected. I dont know how much of a difference it made but my sauce was very smooth.

Im a big fan of baked macaroni so after mixing i put it in the oven for minutes and topped it off with some daiya cheese to give it that extra ummph. With or without the daiya, just being baked alone is delicious. Or not baking is delicious. Overall the sauce is delicious and I truly recommend to anyone looking to fill that mac and cheese void! So happy! I added the cashews to boil with the potatoes, carrots, onions to soften.

Added one 10 oz can of Rotel tomatoes, drained, and one 4 oz can of green chilies to blender for Nacho sauce. Wow, Wow, Wow…….. So killer……. This one has been on my radar for a while, so glad I finally made it!!! Perfect for a cold, rainy So Cal day!! Many mahalos!! This was so awesome!! Been vegan forever and always looking for new yummy recipes that do not include kale LOL! I subbed homemade almond milk for the coconut milk and it was fabulous. Doubled the recipe so I have leftovers for hubby.. He loved it also. Am going to bring this to Christmas Eve at the fam bam, maybe convert a few carnivores!!!

I added black pepper too because I just like black pepper in my mac n cheese. But this sauce is a winner; even my omnivorous sister gave me props! Will def be making this again. Thanks for sharing the recipe! Wow Wow Wow…Loved it soooo much I have made it 3 times in the last 5 days!! I doubled the recipe and used homemade almond milk instead of coconut milk, plus added the frozen peas towards to end to give it a dash of color!!!

This is a keeper everyone!!! I think it would be the same for milk from a carton. I wish I had read that prior to making mine though it was great! I steamed the veggies to not boil out any flavor and it was fantastic. Roasting would be better, though. The only changes I made were to use half the potato amount and twice the carrot amount, and I threw a whole garlic clove into the boiling veggies rather than use garlic powder.

Oh, and I used whole wheat noodles. I avoid all fake cheeses — so many ingredients I do not want in those. This was delicious without them. I tried this recipe over the weekend. Being very skeptical when it comes to vegan food i automatically assume everything vegan tastes nutty and grainy.. I expected it also to be kind of mealy or grainy, but not the case. It was so creamy, smooth and glossy just how i like my cheese sauce! We also calculated the calories, and if you get 4 servings out of this recipe big servings!

This recipe is SO good, and being lactose intolerant, my tummy thanks you in more ways than one! Wow, I was doubtful. Looks and tastes like cheese.

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Vegan Mac and Cheese (Fast & Easy!)

Thank you for the recipe! Sorry…has no one noticed the baby foetus in the cheese sauce pic?! The birth of the greatest mac n cheese recipe perhaps…. Would I be able to make this without nutritional yeast? Do yourself a favor and buy it online though. I got Bragg nooch at Amazon. Is there a Whole Foods near you? They have it. For some reason, Walmart does not have raw cashews so I got the roasted and salted ones instead. Do you know if the cashews would make a difference if I made it with the roasted and salted cashews? I looked in Kroger, Walmart, and Neighborhoood Walmart since I was very desperate to try this out but none of the stores seemed to have it.

Do you think this ingredient if required to make this? Thanks :. The nutritional yeast flakes is what gives it the cheese taste. Try whole foods, sprouts, or Amazon. Our store stocks it in the aisle with other health food type items right adjacent to the produce section, not in the aisle with backing products along with the regular active baking yeast products. Hope you find it. I want to seriously thank you, I have been in agony wondering how I would ever survive on a vegan diet, but my digestive tract does not cope well with animal byproducts and I do not enjoy eating meat for multiple reasons.

On to your other recipes! It was grainy and not smooth as it looks in the pictures. Still looking for a better recipe; perhaps daiya or vegan cream cheese is needed. Try soaking the cashews for several hours or overnight before blending. This is bad ass!!! Really cheesy! This tasted like pure de papa!

Never imagined I would put it on macaroni but it makes sense since pure de papa is creamy. Hi Lindsay! I love that you adapted my recipe to make it your own. Happy cooking and joyful eating! However, in my opinion, it will still taste delicious without the nutritional yeast, as long as you season well with salt, garlic and onion powder. Thank you for this awesome recipe!!! Anchen — South Africa.

And, of course, use paleo noodles. Toasting it kills it, and adds flavor which should get it pretty close to the original thing. It looks really tasty. Does anyone have equivalents in my language? Honestly so incredibly dissapointed in this recipe. Followed the recipe perfectly and my sauce is grainy and runny not at ALL creamy like your photograph implies.

Vegan Mac and Cheese Recipe - Love and Lemons

So pleased that I have finally put something together that satisfies my craving for lasagna. Love that this sauce is so healthy and good for you! Has anyone tried freezing this to use later? I would love to make this once and have it for a month though! This recipe freezes quite well! I just made a second batch and doubled the recipe so I can have this at-the-ready whenever I want! This recipe tastes wayyy better than the EB vegan Mac and cheese in a box.