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There is an option to sort folders on the top. Multi-rename option is in our to-do-list. So, this feature will be added in the next updates of Commander One app. It is great for moving files from on location to another easily without wasting the time of playing with stacked or side by side finder windows. Unfortunately, it would have been better if the devs kept the shortcuts the same as finder. Hello, thank you for the feedback. As for hotkeys, you can assign your own for certain actions.

You should disable the functionality of Function keys so that you could map specific keyboard shortcuts to F-Keys. Avoid this company. I bought other software from this company, and found it doesn't work as advertised. Unfortunately they don't offer a trial version of this "pro" features. You MUST buy a license to even try them out. Some features are extremely buggy. The company claims to have a money back guarantee, but I found this to be a false claim. I sent them screen capture videos demonstrating the bugs and shortcomings of the software.

Basically, it does not work as advertised. I recommend avoiding purchasing or even using this company's software. In fact, I recommend you use both. You can never have too many backups!

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This app has more features than Time Machine, so its interface is more complex. But Bomtich has made their app as intuitive as possible by using four strategies:. They also offer guided setup and restore, so that getting back your lost information is as easy as possible.

Besides making the interface easy to use, you can automatically keep your backups up-to-date by scheduling them. Carbon Copy Cloner can back up your data hourly, daily, weekly, monthly and more.

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You can specify what type of backup is to be done, and chain together groups of scheduled tasks. The interface is very easy to use. Just choose which drive to back up, which drive to clone it onto, and the type of backup you want to perform. Download SuperDuper! Econ Technologies ChronoSync 4 is a versatile app with many talents.

It can synchronize files between your computers, backup your files and folders, and create a bootable clone of your hard drive. This one app can perform every type of backup you need.

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Restoring files backed up by ChronoSync can be as easy as browsing for the backed up file using Finder and copying it, or using the app itself to sync your files back to your hard drive. You can schedule your backups to take place at a regular time, or whenever you connect a specific hard drive to your computer.

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It is able to back up only the files that have changed since your last backup, and can copy multiple files simultaneously to speed up the operation. Bundles and student discounts are available. ChronoSync Express is included with a SetApp subscription.

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A day free trial is available. Acronis True Image for Mac is another alternative to Carbon Copy Cloner, allowing you to make cloned images of your hard drive. The more expensive plans also include online backup. True Image is a little more expensive than Carbon Copy Cloner, and aimed more at corporations than individuals and small businesses. It lacks a personal license that allows you to use the app on all your computers.

You use the app through an intuitive dashboard, and the restore feature allows you to quickly recover your entire drive, or just the files you need. In fact, it supports three different types of backup: direct cloning, synchronization, and incremental snapshots. You can use it to backup either your complete hard drive, or just the folders you specify. A free trial is available.


Backup and sync can be scheduled, and the app supports external or network drives, as well as CDs or DVDs. You can encrypt your backups for additional security. The app is easy to use, including when it comes time to restore your files. You can also perform a quick and dirty backup using Finder, by dragging your files to an external drive.

Some cloud backup providers allow you to back up your computer locally with their software for free. Your email address will not be published. Back Up Regularly How often should you back up? Types of Backup Not all backup software works in the same way, and there are several strategies used to make a second copy of your data.

Best Android file transfer Mac apps that definitely worth your time

Offsite Backup is Crucial Some disasters that can take out your computer may also take out your backup. Syncing Your Files is Helpful, but Not True Backup Now that most of us use multiple devices—desktops, laptops, smartphones, and tablets—many of our documents are synchronized between those devices via the cloud.

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A Good Backup Strategy Involves Several Backup Types A thorough backup strategy will involve performing a number of backups using different methods, and possibly different apps. What could possibly go wrong? You could delete the wrong file or format the wrong drive. You could modify an important document, and decide that you prefer it the way it was. Some of your files could become corrupt due to a hard drive or file system problem.

Your computer or hard drive could suddenly and unexpectedly die. You could drop your laptop. Your computer could be stolen. It happened to me. I never got it back. Your building could burn down. The program is deemed as faster than several default tools. It ends in elaborate recommendation dialogs that modify you to pick up the best resolution. This software system is that the speediest and instant file copy utility software system developed by the well-known company.

This acts because the best extension tool for the recent Windows setup tool.

Best Android file transfer Mac software working in

The software system company additionally claims that, it will increase and enhance the info or media transfer speed to one hundred twenty. As the name implies it works the most effective. It simplifies the add a decent method. It additionally makes it easier for the user to induce the work tired no time. The file transferring or repeating tasks will be canceled and resumed whenever you need. Nice setup works within the system receptacle whereas activity knowledge repeating and transferring tasks. The software system additionally has ton additional options that ar it simply verifies the files when repeating or transferring the automated closedown when the tasks ar completed.

It is one among the most effective file copy utility for Windows software package once it involves usability and capability.