Mac zoom waterfast lash review

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And this waterproof version delivers the same natural-but-better length and volume as the original and holds up against perspiration and tears, no sweat. The wand looks unusual—with supershort cone-shaped bristles and two winged rows that jut out slightly—but the peculiar design has a purpose: catching, coating, and separating lashes you didn't even know you had. The stuff truly stays put until you wipe it away. The wand is pretty standard, but the formula is far from ordinary. No need to layer here. It's a quadruple threat that curls, lengthens, thickens, and separates.

And unlike other drying waterproof formulas, lashes still manage to feel soft and conditioned. Thank you, vitamin B5. Meet the granddaddy of conic wands. The large bushy base tapers to a fine tip and is packed with bristles—but who's counting? The ultradark pigment stays on your lashes even during a blistering hot beach day.

And unlike other budge-proof formulas, you don't have to rub your eyes red to get it off either.


The bristles may be short, but this skinny wand elongates even the stubbiest little lashes. I wish I could've seen her perform! Makeup of The Day 6. Many facilities nationwide were offering free or discounted HIV tests to the public. I, of course, took advantage of this and got my yearly test.

I can't preach enough about how important it is to get yourself tested on a regular basis. Whether you are in a monogamous relationship or not, it's important to get tested routinely. It takes a whopping 3 minutes! Between a crappy tasting oral swab and the 30 second questionaire it was truely painless. Protect yourself and your loved ones, suck it up, and go get tested.

The Top 7 Waterproof Mascaras | Bridal Beauty | Mascara, Waterproof mascara, Mascara tips

No one is above HIV. Team MAC! The funniest rubbers I've ever seen in my life.. Client of the day This poor woman braved tropical storm Debby in order to get her makeup done for a family member's wedding! Talk about devoted My lovely coworker Tiffany gave me the idea!

Official Mascara Correspondent: MAC Zoom Waterfast Lash review

When trying to conceal something with an intense amount of color, such as a tattoo or bruise, the trick is to color correct. See below:. Now, unless your photographer is really good at photoshop, or you don't mind looking like you're covered in chemical burns this may not be a very good idea. In order to hide a tattoo, with or without special tattoo concealer, you need to color correct first. So here, my friends, is a color wheel:.

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I'm sure many of you haven't seen one of these since elementary school, but understanding this is key! Color correcting is all about covering one color with its opposite. For example, a very common trick with concealing blemishes is to apply a green concealer.

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The green concealer will cancel out the red of the blemish and bring the skin back to a natural flesh tone. Therefore, in order to cover yellow ink apply a purple corrector, orange would be corrected with blue, and so on For tattoo outlines and shading I use a light peach or orange toned product depending on the person's skin tone. Once you've corrected the color the trick is to work in thin layers; powder, conceal, repeat. Powder products always make things appear darker, so this trick always saves me from turning the skin too brown or somewhat grey.

You may have to repeat the last two steps a few times, just remember to use thin layers and powder between each one. Best of luck! It may be only June, but fashion week has come and gone and that can only mean one thing: the trends for this fall are hitting the market! The color palette is inspired by cool tones, jewels, sepias, and neutrals. The textures play with metallic against mattes, and the skin is velvety.

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  • Lips are red and lashes are barely there. Whether it's a strong brow, geometric liner, or intense contour, this season will put a masculine spin on feminine beauty makeup. Jewel tones seem to make a comeback every winter, but this season the placement is different.

    Try mixing up the way you apply your eyeshadow and go outside of the box with where you place color. Mix matte and metallic textures, and skip a brow highlight. Red lips are a classic look that you can't go wrong with. The modern spin on this season's red lip is to pair it with a truly nude eye; think "no makeup makeup! Graphic eyeliner gets more geometric this season.

    Instead of a classic winged out liner this look is more about adding structure and architecture to the face. Not quite the classic look of winged eyeliner, this is definitely more of a statement. Brows are fuller and darker this season. Skip the tweezers and grab some clear brow gel! This season's contouring and highlighting has moved on from bronzed and glowy to cool and velvety. Creamier textures in cool browns are replacing warm bronzers, and highlights are less shimmery and more subtle.

    The look is all about playing with the natural shadows of the face to give depth and shape. Although runway makeup is beautiful, it isn't the most wearable. Take this season's trends and customize them to fit your lifestyle! Work with products you have, perhaps applying them with a new technique or placing them differently.

    MAC Zoom Lash Mascara Review: Good or Bad?