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This product makes your skin super matte and also soft, it doesnt make your face cakey or anything like that. It is definitely worth the money. It gives me such a nice and even finished look. However it does make your face a bit flat, so contouring or at least blush and highlight is a must. The amazing thing about this product is, that it literally never finishes, i only go through one of these every year, and i use foundation every single day. I cant believe how long these stuff last. Definitely recommend.

This product has helped me cover up so much severe acne in my life that I may be a little bias. When applied with the sponge from the compact it has such a high level of coverage that on good days I could get away with just the powder. The lightest colour looks okay on my skin and doesn't make me orange. I still love this product to set liquid and cream foundations for a perfect finish. You will definitely need to apply some blush or highlight as this product will give you a flat face. The packaging is perfect to pop in your bag and the mirror is super handy for touch ups.

I have to say I like this product and I can see where these hyping girls are coming from but I am not that much impressed. I like the black and sturdy packaging with the mirror fuss free touch up during the day and a sponge applicator included. Shouldn't have trusted the lady there. The formula is silky smooth, so finely milled it feels creamy. When applied with the sponge as foundation it gives medium coverage, but in my opinion it accentuates big pores and skin texture. It gives a very matte finish, and unfortunately it is a flat matte. When used as a setting powder it adds a bit of coverage, gives matte finish and prolongs the longevity of the foundation.

I use it mainly to set up my make up, on its own it makes my face look a bit too dull. You could always pair it with some highlighter or luminous finishing powder for a more natural effect. It will be great for a big night out as I am sure artificial lights will make it look beautiful. A bit too full on in the daylight. I've been using this every since February and I love it! It's covers my red checks and it comes in heaps over shades so it was easy to get a colour to match me as I'm so pale.

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Did i mention the coverage is amazing?! This is a holy grail product! This foundation would be light coverage if used on its own but I use it on top of my mac studio fix concealer I know some prefer to put on concealer after foundation in order to get a full coverage. My face will usually be very shiny after a few hours with any foundation and this powder isn't really any different hence why I took a star off.

Despite this, no matter how shiny I get, this foundation does stay in place for a really long time with primer and concealer underneath. This powder is awesome it stays on all day and gives the face a matte and flawless face. I don't really use liquid foundations as I find they don't really blend well into this skin. So this is the only powder I reach for. I have been using this for years it's the only powder foundation I use.

I had really high hopes for this product but have not been overly impressed. I find it doesn't sit super well on my skin, especially on top of foundation or BB cream. It has a tendency to travel more than my other, cheaper powders and It doesn't add as much of a mattifying finish as i would like. I am just about to purchase my third one. It fares extremely well in hot humid climate to keep my face flawless and matte.

It is a thick powder, a heavy duty one. The key is to use it light handedly and blend till you get the coverage and finish you want. I use it on top of my liquid foundation, to set it and give that extra bit of coverage that I need. I use ELF kabuki brush to blend it. The finish is flawless, matte and kind of gives a velvetty feel to the skin. The staying power is amazing.

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I get a full working day coverage with it and need not even top up. The packaging is handbag friendly with a huge mirror and a sponge applicator. I don't use the spong applicator, I use a kabuki brush instead. The top of the powder doesn't crust or cake. The quality of the product is really good. The only downside is the coverage which is also the upside!

MAC Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation Review | The Skin and Beauty Blog

It can look too powdery if not blended. It can also settle into the fine lines. The key is to blend it and a good finishing spray will give a fresh look and take away the powderiness. Once you work out the right way to use it, you'll never look back! Overall, this product is very effective. I find the shade range absolutely brilliant, as I struggle to find lightly coloured foundations with a yellow undertone NC20 , and this matches me perfectly. As it is pressed, the powder is user friendly, and not messy like a loose powder would be.

I find that it works well both on its own, and over light foundations to boost the coverage and set the liquid in place for a number of hours. I have dry combination skin, which means I have dry patches as well as an oily t-zone. This works great for oily skin, as it does stay matte for a good amount of time. I wouldn't recommend it for dry skin however, as it does cling to dry patches a little. But I do find that if I exfoliate and heavily moisturise beforehand, it isn't as bad. The first time I used this I literally thought it was magic. It creates the appearance of absolutely flawless skin.

It comes with an applicator which it what gave me this first impression but now I use it with a powder brush instead with a BB cream underneath for a lighter application. I have very dry skin so I think applying it in this way achieves better results as even though it is amazing for hiding pimples and other redness etc it can exacerbate the appearance of dry skin. MAC also has an incredible range of shades so it's easy to match your skin perfectly. This was the first MAC product I ever bought, after a friend recommended it. It's an excellent powder with a pure, matte finish that helps keep oiliness at bay.

The fact that it's a pressed powder is wonderful, because I don't have to worry about spilling it all through my bag. The package stays clamped shut, so even if you have a few loose or broken pieces from dropping it, you won't find spillage. Despite the fact that it comes with a powder puff in a little compartment, I like to use a kabuki brush to apply it -- but that's just personal preference. Using a brush gives a sheerer coverage than the powder puff. The colour and coverage are great and there's no noticeable perfume or overly 'powdery' smell, which is always a bonus in my books.

I have repurchased this product many times now and use it almost daily. I love the full coverage and matte finish that it provides with such a small amount of product which makes the powder last for a very long time.

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I like applying it with the sponge pad provided for a thick full look, or a brush for a light more natural look. Great product, will continue to use. This stuff is incredible! I use a small amount on my nose and chin as my foundation tends to wear off quite easily on those areas, and then a light dusting over the rest of my face, and it lasts all day!

This does add a touch of coverage to the areas I apply it too, but unless you're heavy handed, this will not cake whatsoever. So in love, I'll always repurchase and carry with me wherever I go! You need to log in or become a member to leave a review. Check out the four pretty fabulous date night looks your beau will drool over… brought to you by beautyheaven.

I really loved these heads, they are really easy to clean make up off them. You just simply rinse them off and everything comes off them.

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I am pleasantly surprised with this powder foundation and how natural it looks and feels. It lasted very well for about 7 to 8 hours after which I felt it was getting patchy. I love the fact that this powder plus foundation can be used both with and without foundation. With foundation, it looks even better. I am a fan of the velvety matte finish it offers. I do not like using foundation. It sometimes ends up looking like an artificial layer of skin on the face and sometimes like there is nothing on.

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I use this powder every day to work and have never felt the need for anything else on my face. I have combination skin, and the T-zone tends to get oily after a few hours. I use blotting paper to blot the oil, and some of the powder comes off. I retouch after blotting, and then it lasts for another 2 to 3 hours. Overall, the staying power is okay. But, apart from this, there is nothing else I can complain about.

I never expected this amazing product to not work on me.

Mac Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation Review

All of my friends use this product, and they swear by how amazing it is. Every time I use it, with or without primer, it settles into the dry patches and fine lines of my face and makes my skin appear drier than what it actually is. I bought this expensive product because I never heard a bad review.

The one time I used it as a setting powder over my foundation, it did work fine. But, I am not happy with the way it behaves otherwise. For my oily skin, this product is no less than a holy grail. It offers full coverage, even without foundation, and controls my oil. I wear it all day long, and its lasting power is also pretty good. It perfectly does the job of both the things. March 5, Ankita Tiwari March 6, March 4, Aparna Singh March 5, NC stands for Neutral Cool for yellow, golden, and olive undertones. NW stands for Neutral Warm for pink, red, and blue undertones.

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March 3, Shreya Narain March 4, March 2, Isha Rajgopal March 3, March 1, Sadia Baig March 2, February 28, Mala Raghuram March 1, February 27, Arti Sethia February 28, Home Foundation. Top Questions And Answers Can this product be used both dry and wet? Samidha Mathur. I loved it! Nilofer Nasreen. A good one. This is never leaving my side! Praveena Prasad. Perfect substitute for foundation! Radhika Singh. Definitely not for people with dry skin! Sanjana Rathod. Flawless coverage and completely matte! Top Questions And Answers.

Reethu Jain. Megha Puri. Harika Harikumar. March 2, Does this Powder Plus Foundation offer full coverage? Priya Solomon. March 1, Which skin types does this foundation best suit? Sharon Souza. For medium coverage: Use a fluffy powder brush to evenly apply the powder for lighter coverage. For full coverage: Use a sponge applicator for fuller coverage. Set the makeup with a makeup setting spray. Zeba Khan. February 27, Can this product be used both dry and wet? Arti Sethia February 28, No. For best results, it is recommended that the product only be used dry.

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