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  2. 10 Photoshop alternatives that offer powerful editing and photo management controls
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Luminar offers many great adjustable styles, features, and tools that you will fall in love with such as its AI Sky Enhancers, Advanced Contrast, and Dehaze to mention only a few. Enhancing your images has never been easier thanks to Photolemur.

18 Free Adobe Photoshop Alternatives (12222)

By using AI, this automatic photo enhancer app enhances your images without you having to lift a finger. You simply need to import your images to Photolemur and it will get the job done automatically. This means that you do not require any prior editing experience to complete tasks like getting rid of imperfections. It is oh-so easy and available for both Mac and Windows. This Photoshop alternative boasts an interactive tool that will help you to straighten your image or adjust the perspective. Though, one of its most impressive features is its stylus control that reacts to a different pressure.

If you are working with Windows 10, this is the perfect fit.

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Windows users will also be happy to know that it supports 4K displays and multi-monitor viewing. Serif PhotoPlus X8.

10 Photoshop alternatives that offer powerful editing and photo management controls

Many people have already relied on this app for years. It is ideal for users who are only starting with image editing now as it offers great support for new users in the form of videos and tutorials. What is more, users can get great tips on their active forum for fellow users.

Do not be fooled by the name, Adobe Photoshop Elements is not the actual Photoshop.

However, countless users have experienced that the Adobe Photoshop Elements app offers all the tools that they require to enhance their images. In short, this app has been reduced to the essentials. With the help of its Adjustment and Blend layers, you can turn any photo into the most amazing image in barely any time at all.

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Thanks to its guided mode, it is also geared towards beginners. When it comes to finding a Photoshop alternative, your only challenge will be to identify the software solution that works the best for your unique needs. Why not give them all a try? You might just discover that the best course of action will be to use a couple of these tools instead of just one.

If you are working on a Mac and in need of a budget-friendly alternative to Photoshop, Sketch is the answer. Sketch is a vector graphics app that has the design field all excited, specifically website designers. As it is so popular, you will be able to access countless plug-ins that have been created by the community that will make this app even more functional. Its user interface is easy to understand and boasts several features such as gradients and layers that are similar to Illustrator and Photoshop.

What is more, it also offers a color picker and style presets. You can use one of the basic shapes to create your own graphic or start from scratch with the help of the pencil tool. This app is really so flexible! GNU is an open-source cross-platform image editor.

As its interface is very similar to Photoshop, it will not take you too long to familiarize yourself with GIMP. Though, users who do not have any image editing experience will find the different GIMP tutorials very useful. It offers color correction, enhancement as well as painting tools to mention only a couple of its features and is compatible with Windows, Linux, and Mac. Mac users who are searching for image editing software need to look no further than Acorn.

Free Programs like Photoshop

It is a cost-effective solution if you do not have access to Photoshop. What makes it so great is that it is quick, enjoyable to use and offers useful features. Some of its features include non-destructive filters, custom brushes and layer styles to mention only a few. The software is easy to use, but, you can rest assured, there are tutorials available for both beginners as well as image editing experts. Affinity Photo is for sure one of the best Photoshop alternatives. It is ideal for professional designers and photographers as it is completely compatible with Photoshop as well as other file formats.

Still, some people who bought Photoshop in the past did so because it was the best image editing app, even if it had high-end features they knew they would never need. But, the industry has changed. But what if Photoshop is overkill for your purposes today, or a subscription model is unappealing? We stuck to the desktop apps only because it much of serious image editing still takes place on the desktop.

Not only does it works with Raw files, unlike most photo editors, it offers CMYK four-color separation alongside support for most popular photo formats, including PSD.

The 9 best alternatives to Photoshop | Creative Bloq

I found Affinity Photo very easy to learn and use. Performance is stellar, especially for a new product, and it has many familiar Photoshop tools and adjustments in a brightly colored toolbar that reminds me of Pixelmator — which is a good thing. Filters can be applied as layers, letting you edit effects after they have been applied.

The downside? Mylio , another newcomer, was launched recently for Windows and Mac, plus both mobile platforms, to manage and sync your photo collections. The app automatically copies and syncs all of your photos, edits and changes to all of your devices. Mylio is lighter on editing facility than photo management, but it does provide for common fixes most photographers need.

Regardless of which edits you make to your photos, changes will appear across all your devices. For all that organizing and syncing, there is a subscription fee. Adobe Photoshop Elements is essentially Photoshop Lite — the consumer version of the granddaddy of image editors. And, significantly, Lightroom is one of the few pro-level creative apps that Adobe still sells as a perpetual license. It replaced iPhoto and Aperture on the Mac desktop, providing full-featured organizational tools as well as consumer-level editing capabilities. Photos substitutes for iPhoto fairly nicely and integrates with your iCloud account to share photos across all your platforms.

Why Do Many Users Choose Photoshop?

You will recognize Moments, Collections and Years views for organizing, while a toolbar lets you tap into your shared photos, albums and projects. Photos does have more advanced editing tools than iPhoto, though, in addition to a completely reorganized toolbar that gives you Aperture-style tools in an elegant layout. While Photos does dive into some intricate edits, most of the professional functions of Aperture are gone. The emphasis is on iCloud integration, light edits and easy sharing. The context-sensitive Move Tool lets you move, rotate and distort elements, selections, text, shapes or layers.

When you move the layers, smart Alignment Guides appear, letting you neatly align and distribute objects. This pro-level app is free and lets you accomplish much of what you can in Photoshop. While the interface is improving over time, is not nearly as elegant or intuitive.