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Reinstalling TomTom HOME

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In-dashboard systems are released for the automotive market. The navigation devices and portable devices with installed software are referred to as units. TomTom units provide a flying interface with an oblique bird's-eye view of the road, as well as a direct-overhead map view. They use a GPS receiver to show the precise location and provide visual and spoken directions on how to drive to the specified destination.

Some TomTom systems also integrate with mobile phones using Bluetooth, traffic congestion maps or to actually take calls and read SMS messages aloud. Navigation software for several mobile phones discontinued after release 5.

How to reinstall the software on your navigation device using TomTom HOME

Mobile 5. As of TomTom continues to provide data for Apple Maps. The container states that it is compatible with Mac OS X v After installation, it has options to choose a device to be associated to and activate the software. A caution is given that the software only allows one device to be associated to an email address and the associated device can be changed only after 14 days since the previous association. TomTom Home version 2.

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With version 2. At the moment TomTom Home is on version 2. However, the devices can still be read in a Linux OS as a disk drive. There is even software made by the community to manage some functions of the TomTom. The internal flash memory or the memory card content of the device cannot be accessed through USB for security reasons modified applications would easily accept a map that wasn't sold by TomTom. The support app is nothing more than a proxy on the PC buffering the download.

So far the security achieved using this mechanism has not been broken yet. On the downside, some users might experience compatibility issues between their PC, device and the MyDrive Connect support application. For those issues, TomTom Customer Services or members of the community forum are usually able to provide solutions. The company offers fee-based services under the name TomTom Plus stylized TomTom PLUS , which include services to warn drivers about speed cameras , provide weather updates, change voices and provide traffic alerts. Currently, the fees are only for European countries.

Traffic data is also available to subscribers in many parts of Europe and the US via a Bluetooth -enabled cell phone with Internet service or an add-on aerial, which picks up RDS data broadcast on FM radio frequencies offering traffic information without the requirement for a data connection.

These allowed users to receive updates over the mobile telephone network using the SIM card in the device. On 12 May , TomTom announced that it was offering up its real-time traffic products to "industry partners" in the United States. On the latest NAV4 devices the service is not available anymore in the old form. The speed camera service is free for three months on these models. Map Share is a proprietary map technology launched by TomTom in June Map Share allows users to make changes to the maps on their navigation devices and share them with others.

It allows drivers to make changes to their maps directly on their navigation devices. Drivers can block or unblock streets, change the direction of traffic, edit street names and add, edit or remove points of interest POIs. A traffic monitoring service that uses multiple sources to provide traffic information.

Updating the software on your navigation device (TomTom Home)

The service does this by combining data from:. The information is merged by TomTom and algorithms are used to improve the data and filter out anomalous readings.

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The system sends updates to all TomTom Traffic users every two minutes and the data the users receive is never older than 30 seconds. Users can receive the service through the built-in SIM, via a smartphone connection or on older devices via a standard phone connection. Re-routing can be set to be transparent to the user with the only sign that the route has been changed due to a traffic jam being a sound indication from the device and a changed ETA.

The system was first launched in the Netherlands in and expanded to the United Kingdom, France, Germany and Switzerland in Newer TomTom devices use this data to take into account the time and day when determining the fastest route. Travel time data is stored in Historical Speed Profiles, one for each road segment, covering large motorways, main roads and also small local roads. Historic Speed Profiles are part of the digital map and are updated with every new map release. They give insight into real-world traffic patterns.

In September , map upgrade v8. Offers continuous navigation, even when a navigation device can't receive GPS satellite signals e.

TomTom STOPS supporting older Sat Navs with ‘lifetime’ updates, is YOURS affected?

TomTom products use Tele Atlas based maps. Reports can be done via the devices too. Maps are not universally compatible across TomTom devices; while most maps are available for most modern devices, a compatible version must be used. Version numbers have a three-digit number identifying the major version, a dot, then a four-digit build number. Major version v, for example, is available for most regions and most devices, but different builds are available for different regions and devices and supporting different features.

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The support applications ensure that the correct map version is assigned for download. In April , TomTom "apologized for supplying driving data collected from customers to police to use in catching speeding motorists". In , TomTom improved the clarity of its explanation of how it uses the data it collects from its customers. Those who have an older Sat Nav from the company are eligible for a discount on a new TomTom product.

It remains to be seen whether those who have recently been told that their Sat Nav is now obsolete are happy to splash the cash on a new device from the company. It has become clear that some of our older generation navigation devices do not have sufficient resources to run the newest maps and software available TomTom. Play slideshow. I then followed the steps I read around: copied everything from the device to my disk, and formatted the device. Then copied only the folders like?

Reinstalling TomTom HOME

Maps and Voices back. If I copy all the files I had copied before formatting all folders and files , the device also doesn't work red flashing cross at startup outside the dock but the options to install Computer Voices and the Backup buttons go back to normal.

Anyway, using my old copied files unfortunately after windows messed up my device turns on all the options like Computer Voices on HOME but the device is unusable the same way. Any possible fix on that? You're not the first user to be offered an update for TomTom Work in error. Have no idea why it happens, but what you want to do is get back to Navcore 8.