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The placement of the two slots on the right side hides them elegantly from sight. But this elegant invisibility, combined with the proximity of the slots, makes it easy to slip up as I did. Put bluntly, the position of these slots is a case of bad industrial design, and one that could be easily eliminated in a future iMac design.

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Apple could simply give the two slots more vertical separation on the right side of the iMac. Or, in moves that might involve more significant internal rejiggering, Apple could change the orientation of the SDXC slot from vertical to horizontal, or move it to the left side of the iMac. But with the iMac, the charge that Apple sometimes sacrifices usability in favor of elegance may have merit.

Nonetheless, I hope Apple at least considers these usability issues in future designs. Yes, it's a little inconvenient for when I'm using that drive slot rarely , but it's nigh on impossible to shove an SD card into the wrong slot now. Disappointed you didn't mention my suggestion: rotate the SD slot 90 degrees so it's horizontal, and impossible to confuse with the vertical optical slot.

This would not require major work, or running cables the across the case. I thought about that while editing, and in the end decided that it might not be possible, given the way the LCD panel goes in, and how thin the edge of the iMac is already.

MacBook Pro SD Card Read Only Problem Solved

But it's a reasonable idea and I'll add it back in. The edge is not deep enough for a horizontal mount. The SD slot is 25 mm, and the edge is maybe 26 mm, which would create a structural issue. Not to mention that the electronics would need to be on a separate card instead of attached directly to the motherboard. Glad I'm not the only one. I also wish Apple would include at least one USB slot on the side of the iMac for things I plug and unplug frequently. Putting a small sticker on the visible edge of the screen at the height of the SD slot might be a good solution for some. How much more could it have cost to position the SD slot somewhere else?

For that matter, the same could be said for placing a USB slot on the front of the iMac It would have been nice to have the SD and one USB on the front, or on the left side, but since I use a wired keyboard it has not been an issue. I just use the keyboard slots. I had also been using a Griffin Simplifi.

Test the SD card

Call me crazy, but I think the intelligence-by-design argument which Apple likes to foster is woefully thinned by such choices. Not to throw the baby out with the bath water of course Thank you for solving two problems: so awkward to get at the back slots plus my card reader wasn't working. Plugged into the keyboard and voila. And I definitely support the idea, wish, hope that there be some USB ports on the sides and --!

That design sometimes resulting in the related error of the user trying to jam the device or cable into the wrong spot.

How to Troubleshoot SD Card Problems

The iMac is a case of some unnamed person's "clean design elegance" mandate winning out over simple user friendliness on getting to the ports. When "poking about blindly" in a slot-loading drive, you might consider the use of plastic sheet material rather than a bent paper clip. An edge of plastic colliding with the optical drives' lens would be much kinder than a paper clip.

HI, seams to me you are very good with the Macs, I need some help please, I'm new with this and I'm trying to copy to an SD card an upgrade to my Nikon camera, how can I do it?

How to Fix an Issue with Your SD Card Reader? | MacsPro

Jorge: Are you trying to update your Nikon camera's firmware? I'd recommend going to Nikon's website and reading the instructions there. One common way to install a firmware update is 1 download update on computer, 2 copy update to SD card, 3 insert SD card into camera, sometimes with some special key held down to tell the camera to do an update, 4 follow instructions on back of camera to perform the update. Good luck. How about sticking a spare SD card partway into the correct slot to serve as a "flag" showing the slot's position?

But don't stick it all the way in, or the Mac OS will scold you if you pull it out without properly ejecting it first! And that reminds me of another beef I have with Apple. Say I have an external drive attached to my MacBook Pro. The system is sleeping.

Built-in memory card reader

I need to quickly grab the laptop and go. But nooo! I have to wake it up, eject the external drive, and put it back to sleep before I can go. Either that, or be told what a BAD, data-risking loser I am for not ejecting the drive first. Since the system is sleeping, I'm guessing there is no chance that there is unwritten data sitting in some buffer that will be lost if I unplug the drive. Why then must I go through the ejection kabuki?

Is Apple trying to "condition" me to form good habits? This happen to a friend of mine He reached over and inserted the card in to the optical disk slot. He had to take it to the Apple store where geniuses at the bar tried for about 10 minutes to retrieve it. Then they took the iMac in back and after 20 minutes returned with the card and iMac.

Silly design really!

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  6. Also another beef is the power button on back. It's so smooth you can't even feel it half that time.

    Wish Apple would either raise it or lower it so it's easier to find blindly. Or make it a different texture. So, you're feeling blindly to insert an SD card then poking around the superdrive with a paperclip before accusing Apple of "bad industrial design"? Sound like you're doing a lot of fire, ready, aim, then blaming others for your lack of common sense.

    Breathe deep. I put white tape on the right side of the iMac to show where slots are. The width is exactly the same. This just happened to me, i've tried everything but take it to the apple store, and i agree, it was very dumb to put the SuperDrive next to the sd, when i tried retrieving it with a thin knife, it just pushed it farther in, and i need to use the super drive, what to do??!! Well worth it considering the glass screen has to be pulled off.


    Fortunately I didn't break my drive. I just did ths. Turned off computer and unplugged. I doubled a thin piece of cardboard, cut out the shape of a hook on the open side and was able to scoop it out. What a poor design. Having another SD card for a test significantly simplifies the task. But if you do not have it, the first solution is to launch the Image Capture app before inserting a card.

    If it does not help, there may be problems with contacts. Try inserting a card leaving a part of it outside, and then lift it up a bit with a little pressure. You should also make sure the contacts on your card are clean. Rub them lightly with a new pencil eraser. Then open a card up and clean internal contacts. Then you should return it for warranty replacement. Apple suggests doing this if your Mac does not recognize external devices. If this approach is not successful, try the following steps. If you see the card in Disk Utility, try recovering it, since it may be corrupted. Open the Disk Utility program by typing its name in Spotlight and double-clicking the search result.

    You can also locate it with Finder. Click on the Finder icon, open the Applications folder and choose Disk Utility. Quit Disk Utility when the recovery process is complete. Pull it in again and see if you can access files stored on the card. If you use a MacBook laptop : Shut down your computer.

    Release them after 10 seconds.