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Go to the folder where the presentation is stored. You can see the file size in the bottom left corner. Go to the view tab at the top and select the File name extensions box over on the right-hand side.

On the copy of the file, click on the. Go into the ppt folder and there are even more unfriendly folders.

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At this point, you can sort them by file size, and easily see the culprits that are jacking up your storage allocation. You could go into an image editing program, and the Photos app in Windows 10 is actually really good for this. Simply open an image, go to the dots menu on the right-hand side, choose Resize, and then adjust the resolution of the images easily.

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In most presentations you can take this down to the 2MP setting, or define custom dimensions, with the smallest side around pixels. A neat way of actually finding the large image within the deck is to delete the large image in the zip file and change it back to a.

Reduce your file size in Office for Mac - Office Support

When you open it up in PowerPoint your picture will have been replaced by a white box with a red cross in it. Right click on the white box, choose Change Picture, and find a different, or a lower resolution image to fill the gap. Or, failing that, use PowerPoint again.

Then use this to replace your existing image, which will cut out the large file size version. Right click on the original picture, and choose Change Picture, which allows you to find another image to replace it with. Leave a comment. Related articles. Jul 08th Feb Presentation design principles for better PowerPoint design. Read article. Shivananth Kanagaraj says:.

How to Compress HD Pictures and Reduce File Size in Powerpoint 2016 #QuickTip01

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Compress pictures to reduce the file size in Office for Mac

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Steps to compress images: Mac - Microsoft PowerPoint Uncheck Apply only to this picture if you want all of the pictures in the entire presentation to be compressed for smaller file. Click OK In most cases, 96 ppi is the best selection. Select a slide that contains an image or picture. Select the image or picture. Apply to all pictures in this file is default and recommended for smaller file. But if you only want to delete the currently selected picture, uncheck that. Click OK.

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