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iPhone Backup Location for Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, XP, and Vista

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I just deleted two iPad and two iPod touch archives and freed over 16GB!

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Nice hint. But if disaster strikes and you no longer have on your Mac the old backup of your iOS device that saves your bacon, don't forget that the backups are In that case you will need to apply some trickery to get iTunes to look at the Time Machine version of the Backup folder or, preferably, a copy of said folder, as you should avoid messing up with TM's backups. In iTunes you can then identify the one backup you want. It may take some work, but I did say "if disaster strikes"! That's all well and good, how ever what if you are out on the road and disaster strikes and you are not able to carry your time machine back up?

I've noticed though starting with iTunes 10 that it deleted the last backup you created so there's only 1 back up in the path one of the posters gave. I'm wondering if all of these years now that I read this hint if archiving was turned off by default? Lost your password?


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Powered by the Parse. When you sync an iOS device to iTunes, it is backed up; by default, this backup goes to your Mac, but you can also set it to go to iCloud. When you save backups on your Mac, there's plenty of data and settings saved, so you can restore the device, or even set up a new device, using a backup. Dave Hamilton, writing at The Mac Observer , recently pointed out that you can also archive backups. To do this, go to iTunes' Preferences, then click on Devices.

Right-click or Control-click on one of your devices, then choose Archive.

Using iCloud to sync data between your computers and devices means your data is uploaded to your iCloud account and that means you have a backup of your data there. By turning on the iCloud backup features, you can not only backup data there, but also create multiple backups and restore backed-up data over the Internet.

Option I. Extract WhatsApp Messages to Mac from iTunes Backup to Mac

All iCloud users get 5 GB of storage for free. You can upgrade to additional storage for an annual fee.

Where is the iPhone backup stored in iCloud?

The following programs have iCloud backup features built in. For most of them, you just need to turn the backup feature on to have their contents uploaded to iCloud. To find out how much of your 5 GB iCloud backup space you're using and how much you have left:. You can see the individual backups in your iCloud account, and delete those that you'd like to get rid of.

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To do that, follow the steps you use to check your iCloud storage. On that screen, click Manage or Manage Storage. The process for restoring data that you have a backup copy of on iCloud is the essentially the same for iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch. If you want or need to add more storage to your iCloud account, simply access your iCloud software and select an upgrade. If you have an iCloud. Enable this and the information stored in your contacts or address book apps will stay in sync across all devices.

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  • Contacts is also web-enabled. When this is enabled, all of your compatible calendars will stay in sync. Calendars is web-enabled. This setting syncs all of your to-do reminders in the iOS and Mac versions of the Reminders app. Reminders is web-enabled.

    Apple® iPhone® - Turn iCloud Backup On / Off

    This setting makes sure that the Safari web browsers on your desktop, laptop, and iOS devices all have the same set of bookmarks. It can also sync to the Apple Mail program on Macs. Apple's Wallet app formerly Passbook on older iOS can be managed within iCloud on any connected device. You can sync your current credit or debit card and remove all payment options to disable Apple Pay on that device.

    This feature of Safari adds the ability to automatically share usernames and passwords for websites to all of your iCloud devices. It can also save credit card information to make online purchases simpler.

    Where are iPhone Backups Stored on Mac?

    This feature automatically copies your photos to the Photos app on iOS devices, and into iPhoto or Aperture on the Mac for photo storage and sharing. Confirm you wish to remove the selected backup by clicking Delete Backup. Thecafremo Thecafremo The problem is that there are over files in that directory, and there are only TWO devices each with one backup listed in the iTunes Preferences panel.

    I can't test this right now, but you could try deleting, from the iTunes preferences, the backUp for one of the devices, and see if it deletes all the backUps for it. Or just, cough delete the content of the folder. Judging by the dates, there are several backups in there for the one device.