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Other solutions either take over the phone's Wi-Fi stack without the Android operating system's knowledge, or create an emulation IP stack in userspace on the phone; in many cases, the built-in USB tethering support can be more stable, more reliable, and faster. My thanks to Vlad Brown for his effort in translation! For quick start instructions:. On some versions of OS X, a dialog box may pop up, prompting you to configure the device; follow its instructions.

With any luck, you should be able to turn off Wi-Fi on your Mac, and browse the Internet through your phone's network connection.


PdaNet Desktop for Mac

If you get an error message about bit support on installing HoRNDIS, please try again with the version 3 package or newer. OS X If you upgraded from an earlier version of OS X, you may find that phones appear to be replicating with abandon in your network control panel. Note that this will remove any custom network configuration that you have performed! I am still not sure what causes this problem, and so I do not yet have a workaround with finer granularity.

Android USB tethering on Mac OS X

Versions of Mac OS X When prompted, type your password. Then, restart your Mac to be sure it is unloaded.

Fork me on GitHub! To build the source, you'll need Xcode 4.

Software and other things

For most applications, it's OK to build against a newer SDK; for a kernel module, the magic vtable space-saving tricks require you to compile against the lowest common denominator. Simply running xcodebuild in the checkout directory should be sufficient to build the kext.

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On the shoulders of giants, I stand. My vague thanks to Apple for having at least some IOKit sample code available even though the last time it successfully built was Sadly, David Brownell passed away in April of Thanks for all of your hard work, David; may you rest in peace. But I'm pretty sure it won't. For more on that, read the license. However, I hope that it works for you; if it doesn't, and you're able to assist in debugging, I'd like to hear from you.

How To Use Android USB Tethering on Mac OS X

So, for feedback, feel free to get in touch with me , or HoRNDIS's current maintainer, Mikhail Iakhiaev ; especially if it works for you, or makes your life easier, I'd like to hear about it! Table of Contents.

Unable to open interface (e00002c5)

Available versions. A special note about bit machines.

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  • To get more information, I ran the command to stop the ADB service and restart it:. So ADB could see that I had a device connected. The Android File Transfer app could also see the phone, so the connection was there. Just something was interfering with ADB. We saw the same problem with his phone. So we tried the obvious steps:. The engineers had classes to assist with so it was down to just me.

    I rebooted the Macbook in safe mode. That would run OS X with out the 3rd party apps. Sure enough, ADB was able to connect just fine. That was the first clue, then some people in real life and on the Internets suggested that it may be a tethering app.

    HoRNDIS: USB tethering driver for Mac OS X