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  1. Unlimited Layers
  2. Dark Mode, Data, a brand new look and more in Sketch 52.
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Categories Desktop Apps For You. Sign in Create account. Download Secure, direct download on your Mac. Install this app Install this app via MacUpdate Desktop app. Developer Website: Bohemian B. Sketch Developer Website:. This process requires Photoshop and Illustrator.

Consider two things: 1 you should work in vector, and 2 always work from scratch, except for your libraries. Recycling old work is a bad habit for any designer. Instead of jumping to Sketch in a middle of a project, consider getting the team together and experiment with Sketch for a Hackathon or small project. The biggest reason why designers are reluctant to switch to Sketch is because of the expectations of their co-workers. It's a fair assessment.

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There is no direct solution to that, but I will say a few things. I've worked with Sketch at 3 different places and with a number of clients. In all of them, I've successfully converted every designer, engineer and manager. The trick? Be convincing. The cost of staying in Photoshop is far greater than the cost of switching to a tool tailor-made for your work.

If legacy was an issue, I would never have switched to the Mac 10 years ago. As Steve Jobs put it perfectly: "Why join the navy if you can be a pirate? Become the change you want to see. Email us to ask anything. Get Pro Access.

Unlimited Layers

Current Time Duration Time Remaining Time Caption Settings Dialog. Beginning of dialog window. Escape will cancel and close the window. Defaults Done. Artboards Artboards are the Screens of your app. Using Artboards With Artboards, you no longer have to hide interactions, dialogs and states, since you can just put all your screens next to each other. Read next Powerful Start in Sketch.

Dark Mode, Data, a brand new look and more in Sketch 52.

Learn Sketch: 21 sections. Learn Sketch. Introduction to Sketch Basic Tools. Powerful Start in Sketch.

Tayasui Sketches

Strong Foundations for your Sketch Workflow. Design for iOS Designing an iOS App from scratch in Sketch. Design for iPhone X. Designing and adapting for iPhone X in Sketch. Designing for iPad. Designing an iPad app from Scratch. Design for Web. Designing a Website from Scratch. Design for Web Part 2. Designing a Website from Scratch 2. Tricks and Keyboard Shortcuts. Boost your productivity in Sketch. Sketch Plugins.

5 Simple Drawing Applications for Mac

Essential Sketch Plugins for Designers and Developers. Nested Symbols. Design with More Flexibility by Nesting Symbols.

Key Takeaways

Sketch Libraries. Share Symbols with Other Designers. Version Control. The Github for Designers. Working with Data. Make your design meaningful with real content. Adaptive Layouts. Working with Multiple Resolutions. Working with Vector. Vector Techniques in Sketch. Exporting Assets. Delivering Assets to Multiple Devices in Sketch. Styleguide and Handoff. Consistent design language in your team. Advanced Techniques.

Master Sketch with these Tricks. Intro to Framer. Design and Code animations with Framer. As a Mac user accustomed to attractive, well-designed software, you'll appreciate Patina's appealing interface and user-friendly design. Unlike most other Paint-like apps that are derivations of an open source program, Patina was designed and built from scratch in the US with great care to be as easy to use as possible. We're confident that you'll find Patina to be the best simple painting, drawing, and sketching app in the Mac App Store.

Note: Patina is not a vector app, does not have layers, and does not allow you to manipulate already drawn objects in the same way that you can in a layout app like Pages or a presentation app like Keynote or PowerPoint. The Patina Story In response to the often heard remark "I love my Mac, but I wish it had something like Paint," we evaluated currently available drawing apps for Mac.

Adorn your Mac with the best app for making simple drawings and sketches. Requires OS X Crafted with care in California and Washington.