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  2. How to Use iPhoto Instead of Mac Photos App in OS X
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  4. Your Photos Are In the iPhoto Library File, But Not Showing Up When You Launch iPhoto Application

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If so, you can continue to use iPhoto but it has some restrictions on the versions you can use, and you have to reinstall the iPhoto app. How to upgrade iPhoto to Photos and migrate all pictures Matt Elliott from CNET has contributed an excellent guide on how to move your photos and videos from iPhoto to the new Photos app, the details about iCloud Photo Library, how to optimize storage, and what you can do with your old iPhoto library. One last tip : do make regular backups of your precious pictures. Eventually, her phone filled up, and it was time to fix this problem.

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  • The installed version of iPhoto is not compatible with the installed version of OS X.

She recently migrated from iPhoto to Photos—based on Mac emails, this isn't a unique circumstance. Photos seems to be happiest importing relatively few pictures and movies, or using iCloud Photo Library. This underappreciated app, installed as part of macOS in the Applications folder, handles importing and managing media on memory cards, scanners, and on attached iOS devices and cameras. You can also access a scanner via Preview. You can set Image Capture via a menu at the bottom of its window with a given device or drive selected to import selected or all media to iPhoto or Photos, as well as to other apps, scripts, or folders.

In my wife's case, however, Image Capture stopped working. She tried to import all images, and it would appear to make progress, but then fail with a lengthy error message listing problematic images, and an incomplete state of what was imported.

How to Use iPhoto Instead of Mac Photos App in OS X

To remove Photos duplicates, the best option appears to be PowerPhotos , which can work with Photos libraries directly for deduplication, merging, and other features. Jul 6, AM. Aug 19, PM.

How to find Photo Library File on Mac

Oct 19, AM. You might remove the red text at the top of this tip as iPhoto 9.

Getting iPhoto Working Again in OS X Yosemite

Also this note might help users remember to move their current iPhoto app to the Trash bin before going to the App Store:. NOTE : the key to this procedure is to move the existing version of iPhoto 9 to the Trash bin in the Dock don't empty yet before going to the App Store.

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Oct 20, PM. That text doesn't show for me.

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    Your Photos Are In the iPhoto Library File, But Not Showing Up When You Launch iPhoto Application

    User profile for user: BarneyE BarneyE. Mac OS X Speciality level out of ten: 1. Move iPhoto from your Applications folder into the Trash. Make sure there are no disks mounted that have a copy of the iPhoto app on them before going to the App Store.