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  4. Die neuen Mac-Features von OS X 10.9

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Da die browscap. Edit Report a Bug. Anmerkungen Hinweis : Damit es richtig funktioniert, muss die browscap -Einstellung Ihrer php. This function is too slow for todays needs. As of PHP 7. Since browser detection can be tricky and very slow, I compared a few packages. Good news! The latest version of PHP has a performance fix for this function. It's reportedly now x faster.

Receiver for Mac - Citrix

See the ChangeLog for specifics. They either give the wrong name eg Safari when in fact it should be Chrome and if the ua string includes a version number as with the latest versions of Chrome and Opera the wrong number is reported.

So I took bits and pieces from the various examples and combined them and added a check for version. Make sure to leave the browscap php. So maybe this function tells you that the browser is abel to to javascript even when javascript is turned off by the user. To automatically update your browscap.

Defending your online privacy and security.

Follow up to Francesco R's post from His function works for most human traffic; added a few lines to cover the most common bot traffic. Also fixed issue with function failing to detect strings at position 0 due to strpos behavior. Do a ghetto hack and start with a space. You should not rely on just this for cross-browser compatibility issues. Good practice would be to include HTML if-statements for IE stylesheets as well as dynamically checking the browser type.

7 typische WordPress Probleme und ihre Lösungen

Perhaps if you use this function a few times then no problem, but NOT if you use at any page request, or once per session. Also, this function doesn't work correctly and may returns wrong values, wildcards or empty, so it's not very useful for web statistics. If you place quotation marks around the values for all keys in the browscap. Exercise left to the reader. IE has a nasty bug called the Peekaboo bug that affected my website.

A bit lower you can find the point "Close the window when the program closes" - tik it.

Die neuen Mac-Features von OS X 10.9

Close the system preferences, go back to Safari and open the browser settings again. Within General you'll find the point "Open Safari with". There you can now configure, that Safari shall open all Tabs of the last session.

Chances are, your Mac can run macOS Mojave.

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