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  1. Mega Man and Pac-Man Not Coming to Xbox 360 Street Fighter x Tekken
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Unlike the old Mega Man games, there's no save or password system, so if you want to beat the game you have to do it on one go. Combined with the overall toughness of Street Fighter X Mega Man, this makes for a really tough game. Enemies range from difficult to very difficult, and the Street Fighter bosses even more so.

Mega Man and Pac-Man Not Coming to Xbox 360 Street Fighter x Tekken

You'll need all your retro skills to complete this. The graphics and music are lovingly done, with each level based on a Street Fighter theme. The 8-bit versions of the Street Fighter characters look great, although you may be too busy trying to avoid them to notice!

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The soundtrack sounds just right for this retro tribute too. This is a fan-made game, so it's hard to judge against 'professiona' titles. However, the recent glut of great indie retro platformers, like VVVVVV or even Cave Story , have shown that you don't need a big team to create a great game that's tough without being unfair.

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  8. There's no doubting the love that went into Street Fighter X Mega Man, but it even makes famously unfair platformers like Ghouls and Ghosts seem tough! However, it's lots of fun, and fans of both franchises will enjoy this free challenge.

    Mega Man (character)

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    Street Fighter X Tekken: Complete Pack

    This is a fan created game, officially supported View full description. Softonic review Street Fighter X Mega Man is a retro tribute to the classic franchises, that sees Mega Man on a mission to fight each of the Street Fighters as their 25th anniversary finishes, and Mega Man's begins.

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    Minecraft Sandbox game of creativity and survival. Share on Facebook Tweet this Share. As with the original release of Street Fighter X Mega Man , this latest iteration of the game will set you back zero dollars. Don't Miss. Gaming Free-to-start mobile game Dr. Much of the game isn't unlocked until you finish 20 levels but you can see how the free-to-play path leads to microtransactions.

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    Street Fighter X Tekken - Street Fighter X Tekken 'Pac-Man & Mega Man Rival Cutscenes' TRUE-HD QUALI

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    Street Fighter x Mega Man for Mac · GitHub

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    • Street Fighter X Tekken gets PS3/Vita exclusive characters!
    • Street Fighter X Tekken gets PS3/Vita exclusive characters.
    • Free patch draws a new challenger to Street Fighter X Mega Man!

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