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Players can choose between the Empire and Rebellion campaigns as well as skirmish battles and multiplayer and then begin to conquer the galaxy on their own terms. Getting Underway Empire at War features two central types of combat that must be mastered in order to stand a chance against your opponent. Players must build both space and ground forces, first clearing out a planetis space defenses typically taking on a small to large space station , then landing ground forces to wipe out everything that stands in their way on the planetis surface.

Conquered planets will not only add to the playeris cash input once structures such as mines have been built on them, but will grant universal bonuses to the player such as a speed boost for a certain type of unit or cost reduction for a given type of ship. This is pure strategic gaming at its best and itis fun to go from struggling to make ends meet to a force that can not only make ends meet, but can begin building in advance of larger campaigns.

Knowing Your Enemy A provided tutorial does an outstanding job of laying the basics out for the player and showing them how to assemble both space and ground-based forces as well as taking advantage of special units throughout the game. While standard forces such as tanks, speeders, space ships and anti-vehicle units can help win a battle, itis the clever of use of specialized units such as spies, bounty hunters, smugglers and spy droids that can make all the difference.

Want to steal as much Imperial technology as you can get your hands on? Simply send R2D2 and C3PO to an enemy planet, then choose which technology youid like to pay to steal.

Star Wars Rebellion

Bounty hunters can easily assassinate higher end units on enemy planets for the right price and dirt-cheap probe droids can be deployed to report back on enemy forces occupying the next planet on your list to conquer. To this end, Petroglyph www.

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The voice acting is second to none and thereis a genuine, immersive feeling that comes from this. More to the point, it becomes incredibly fun and addictive to take a heroic character such as Darth Vader, Han Solo, Chewbacca or the Emperor down to a planet and use that herois abilities to help conquer it Chewbacca can easily commandeer enemy vehicles, the droids can repair units and the Emperor can both brainwash enemy units into fighting for him as well as fry dozens of Ewoks, Gungans and assorted other alien races at a go with lightning from his fingertips - complete with digital yowls of pain.

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Itis this that keeps the game fun, albeit land and space battles can become somewhat repetitive if the battle isnit close. One feature I found interesting for the battle sequences as an auto-resolve feature, which almost functions like rolling the dice and letting the computer decide which side will win. Oddly enough, this can sometimes turn a situation you feel would otherwise be a loss into a complete victory.

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A strategy title only engages your attention if you feel thereis an element of danger, as if the computer could turn the tables on you at any given moment unless you figure out the best way to fight and use your units. Empire at War does this well, even in its easiest game mode. During the beginning of the Rebellion campaign, the Empire was able to keep me on my toes, fighting for every planet I could capture and losing almost as many. When the Empire had pushed me back to a couple core planets, the only way to expand my forces into something that could defend themselves was to find ways to reduce my production costs, then send exploratory forces to chip away at the Empireis ranks while a larger main force was created.

Itis this kind of gameplay that keeps things fun and the player coming back. Graphics and Sound Empire at War isnit the most eye-catching title in its genre, but looks good where it needs to especially with space battles and component movement such as lasers, missiles and explosions. Players can zoom in for a better view of the action and a cinematic view adds dramatic effect. Technical specs Supported Notes DirectDraw 5. Executable bit bit Notes Windows.

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Treat backslashes as forward slashes. See the glossary page for details. Coolhand Interactive. Disney Interactive Studios.

Star Wars: Rebellion

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