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Top 7 Best Camcorders For YouTube Videos

Other company and product names may be trademarks of their respective owners. Select a camera manufacturer below to see which models are compatible with iMovie. All cameras. Canon still cameras Skip to Canon camcorders.

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Canon camcorders Go back to Canon still cameras. GoPro camcorders Skip to GoPro drones. Leica T Format: H. Panasonic still cameras Skip to Panasonic camcorders. Panasonic camcorders Go back to Panasonic still cameras. Skydio R1 Format: H. Sony still cameras Skip to Sony camcorders. The camera comes with large 1. It has intelligent IS image stabilization guard to prevent camera shake.

Gone are the days when DSLR cameras were used only by professionals. With user-friendly models and pocket-friendly price tags, these cameras are becoming popular among masses.

The 8 Best Camcorders for Kids in

DSLR which stands for Digital Single Lens Reflex Camera is a device with combination of optics and mechanics of single lens reflex camera along with digital imaging sensor. These cameras feature large image sensors and capable canon cameras of capturing high-quality images at great speed.

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With DSLR, you can see what the lens of the camera can see and thus have full control over the subject being captured. Moreover, the lens on these cameras can be changed as per requirements. Some common types of DSLR are listed below:. The model features Its advanced AF feature with 45 AF points allows focusing on the subject even in low-light conditions. It also features built-in GPS to tag your images. Mirrorless Camera is a digital camera that features interchangeable lens and makes use of image sensor for providing an image to rear display or EVF.

Mirrorless Camera got its name due to the fact that they do not have a mirror in their optical path. These cameras are perfect for the users who wish to move from point-and-shoot devices but do not want to go for DSLR. The light in the Mirrorless Camera passes through the lens and then on the image sensor that in turns take image preview which is displayed on the rear screen.

Canon has some impressive models to its mirrorless range that comes packed with great features. This portable power packed model features With WiFi, NFC and Image Sync connectivity options, you can connect your camera to smart devices, take backup and shoot remotely as well.

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  • Additional specifications of the model include shooting with 7fps with Servo AF, powerful DIGIC processing, high-resolution tilting screen and central electronic viewfinder. So no matter whether you are looking for a high-end professional model, a new canon camera or a cheap canon camera, the company has models of all types to suit your requirements. Still, images are definitely a good way to capture your special moments, but recording videos add life to these memories.

    Your first job party, engagement, watching your child taking the first step, best friend birthday day bash or any other occasion, watching it after few years is definitely nostalgic. So picking up a Canon video camera to record videos of all your special moments to cherish them forever and ever. Considering different needs of different users, Canon had a wide range of video camera with the different set of specifications. A roundup of the same is given below:. Consumer HD Camcorder is best suited for the general users who want to record good quality videos of their precious moments.

    These camcorders are user-friendly and have features that can be easily managed by a beginner as well. The 57x advanced zoom coupled with 32x optical zoom and x digital zoom allows recording details of the distant objects. The Image Stabilizer makes sure that videos are steady. To make your video recording experience fun and comfortable, the model features simple touchscreen control with ergonomic design. Additional specifications include slow and fast motion recording, baby mode, built-in WiFi, framing assist seek, full HD p recording, and others. For the professional users who cannot compromise on anything less than the best, Canon professional HD camcorder is the apt choice.

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    These camcorders come loaded with all the features that a professional need to record superb performances. The professional devices allow recording detailed and precise videos in all types of conditions and feature extensive manual controls. XF is one of the most popular professional Canon HD video cameras by the company that offers high-end performance. It is a lightweight model that can be easily carried no matter wherever you may go.

    The 8 Best Budget Camcorders

    It had OLED display and 1. Recorded videos can be easily shared using WiFi or Ethernet features. Other specifications of XF include dual format recording, Timecode, Genlock, multi-cam integration, infrared shooting mode, wide DR gamma, 4 channel recording and others. To keep up with the growing demands of the users, Canon keeps introducing new models of the camcorder.

    The latest HD camcorders from the company have advanced features and functions needed for excellent video recording. The most striking feature of this model is its capability to shoot RAW and is thus the perfect choice for users who want RAW format as their main codec. The camcorder features built-in electronic viewfinder with 4 inch LCD touchscreen and ergonomic grip that makes recording easy and convenient.

    Different models of Canon cameras allow recording video in an array of formats, but still, there are chances that your desired format is not supported by the Canon cameras or camcorders.