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Unsafe removal of CF card or connecting CF card to computer for a very long time can both lead to firmware corruption issue. Accidental deletion : you may be not careful enough so that you delete photos from CF card by mistake. In this case, CF card data recovery software becomes necessary if you have no backup or the backup is not updated to the latest version. Besides, if any unexpected accidents like power failure happened at that time, data loss could also be brought.

Actually, the capacity of CF card has been doubled over time, but it still fails to keep up with the fast development rate of digital camera pixel. CF card is famous for its small volume at early stage. However, as time goes by, the volume of CF card becomes slightly larger when compared to other types of memory cards like SD card. Therefore, some users choose SD card to replace CF card. At this time, they need to transfer all photos and other files from CF card to SD card obviously, before they finally abandon CF card.

CF card, also known as Compact Flash card, is initially a data storage device for portable electronic devices. In , it was firstly produced by SanDisk; at the same time, related specifications were made. As a storage device appeared in more than two decades ago, CF card revolutionary uses flash memory. Besides, CF is also one of the oldest and most successful standards, so it is suitable for professional camera market. Since CF card is more fragile compared to hard disk, you should be more careful when using it. Here, I summarize some useful tips. CF card slot is provided with many small frangible pins which are used to transmit images, videos and other information.

So you must be very gentle. Other than cloud, the many mistake done by the average user is to have 1 copy of the files on a single hard disk. The correct method is to have 2 copies of the identical files on 2 different hard disk. I personally prefer backing up my files on an external hard disk. If possible, set the software to automatically sync all of your files to an external hard disk. Accidentally deleted or formatted your photo and images in your SD and CF card? How to recover data from SD card? Which is the best SD card data recovery software? Is there any free SD memory card data recovery program?

What are the ways to recover lost data from SD card?

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SanDisk Compact Flash Card Data Recovery Free Solution

How to retrieve and restore missing data and photos in SD and CF flash drive? Remember, if the data is important; always seek professional data recovery service if money is not an issue. The chances of salvaging data from damaged, failed, corrupted, or inaccessible secondary storage media when it cannot be accessed normally is higher from these data recovery center, this is because they have the incentive to recover as much as they can as they charge for every GB of data recovered.

I think u will need a professional hard disk recovery service. This is a hardware issue, not a software issue. MiniTool Power Data Recovery is an easy-to-use and all in one free file recovery software for home users. Thanks for giving such a nice information about data recovery software. I have recentaly lost my data from my hard drive due to virus attack. I have used Stellar Phoenix Windows data recovery software. This software helps me to recover my lost and corrupted data. The software demo version is free in which you can see the preview of recover file.

Recuva worked for me when none of the other Windows based programs did. I have a partially damaged mobile music Express memory card…it is slightly bend and hairline fracture is there…does not read in computer system…only on mobile sometimes it does…but on clicking on the memory card option it says memory card not formatted….

My hard drive is corrupt. We put it in an external hard drive case hoping to be able to retrieve the information and load it onto my new computer.

Lazesoft Mac Data Recovery

Can I run any of this software on this drive as an external hard drive and retrieve my pictures? Which software would be best? I have a couple of external drives that are not working but they have images I need to recover. I bought a photography studio and these are the previous owners files. What software would you suggest to fix this? Hello, thanks 4 the post. Is there any hope of getting my job out?. Plz i need ur assistance. Hello, from Kerala, my computer files corrupted by effecting a virus. I have an external hard drive that is not working now… how could I retrieve files and photos saved with my hard drive.

I have a hard disk, as per the IT specialist the Hard disk is damaged. I have an external hard drive Western Digital with a lot of file on it. It just randomly decided to stop working one day. They have said the files are the but missing a key file to access the disk. I just want to extract the data onto a new hard drive.

Desperately need advice! Are there any packages I could download to aid me?


I had the same issue. I ran some programs eg.

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Tooldisk, Un-erase etc. No results. Ran it and restores everything. No damage to drive and working fine. Unbelievable especially after the PC repair suggested I send the disk to the manufacturer who will bust it apart to access the dick drive without any guarantee of a fix. Please help me my all data word , pdf , photo, and etc files are corrupeted how can I fix it.

I have a seagate Momentus It dropped from my laptop bag. And now its not working. When i connect it the light with the casing turns on and there is beeping sound from the HD, but it is not detectable on my laptop. Please suggest what is wrong or what item may be broken and replaceable. Much of my office work and some private data is stored in the HD which I really need.

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I was creating an image file of hard disk in my another hard disk. Why is it and how to recover the data from that drive as i tried using many softwares but they does show any data after scanning. Buy a new hard disk, copy to it 2. You can add to it if needed from there.

SanDisk Compact Flash Card Data Recovery Free Solution

I have an external drive that crashed, I think.. What if you cannot get your computer to boot up. How do you use it then. What can I do? I was able to recover files from non-bootable hard drive using Remo File Recovery software. Due to some reason my hard drive was inaccessible and slow. I have a My Passport 1 terabyte external harddrive which fell off the table onto a tiled floor, the case popped open slightly, I picked it up fixed it and it seemed to continue working, after I finished shut it down and removed it it hasnt worked since, the Device Manager on the PC sees it and says its working OK but I cannot access it at all from any device, will data recovery software work if the pc cant see it…?

If the motor is broken, you will have to send is back to Western Digital. Prob is..

Free data recovery software for Windows and Mac - Recover It

Just like how tape recorders are still manufactured because alot of police recorded evidence are in tapes, or like how floppy disk are still used in many under-developed countries. XP is still used in many devices, such as ATM and etc. Most data stored on computer is still stored on a hard drive, and these are delicate pieces of equipment, which can fail at any time. Failure is often total; however, there may be times when the disk is damaged which will prevent you from accessing certain bits of data, whilst other data files remain intact. That's why we're breaking the solutions into two separate sections: on a Windows-based PC , and on a Mac machine.

Are deleted files still recoverable? Yes, a simple deletion or card reformatting won't erase the data immediately. The data stored inside may be still intact. However, it depends on whether the data are overwritten or not. In fact, when you use conventional methods to get rid of files, the data are only marked as "invisible" — waiting to be written over. You see, the key to data recovery lies in whether the data contained in your deleted files pics, videos, etc.

So, what should you do? Remove the flash card out of your camera and put it in a safe place before you start the recovery process introduced below.

Make sure your computer can detect your memory card no? Launch it. On the menu, select the drive your CF card stands for, click "Next" to continue. Step 3 : Let the software scan your CF card and seek the file types you pre-defined if you specify. It may take extra seconds or minutes.

Just be patient.