How to unfreeze my mac without turning it off

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God bless you! I was just faced with this exact problem and could not figure it out. I googled it on my iPhone. Found your article. I was holding my finger on that touch place but I was not pushing down on it. Thank you!! Purchased my MacBook Pro and never needed to reboot. I went thru the same discovery process this week when I appeared to be locked up and had not noticed for last year plus, that I had no idea where the power button was.

Once I finally noticed that the button existed, I just held it down until the restart occurred. This is really a good testimony of how reliable the laptop is!

2. Free Up Hard Drive Space

Seems like it had 4 digit serial number that began with a zero. I had problems with the original mother board and had to replace it with new mother board with a plus prom on it. It is a very inconspicuous power button indeed — Your blog certainly helped me unfreeze my macbook pro: Thank you!

The cursor moved but all else was frozen. I had been having trouble typing for a week. Words became jumbled and page would jump up or down to other topics Facebook. Computer is squirrely.

OMG, I could just kiss you! When CleanMyMac spots an unresponsive app, a notification window with a Quit button pops up, so you could force-quit the app without rummaging around in its menu. First, check what apps are running in the background and launch with the startup. Uncheck anything you think might be causing trouble. In fact, just to be sure, uncheck every app and restart your Mac. Now, find out which process or program is causing the problem. How to see what programs are running on Mac in general?

You need launch Activity monitor. When it opens, you'll probably see hundreds of processes in each tab, but the ones you need now are CPU and Memory tabs. The heaviest ones will show up on the top. However, sometimes your problem does lie within a specific process, you can force quit it Apple doesn't call it "to kill a process on Mac", they make it sound fancy.

First, the file you were working with at the time of the freeze may be the issue.

How to Force Shut Down a Mac

To help determine if this is true, try opening a different file with that app and work with it for a while. If it behaves normally, quit and then go back to the file you were working with at the time of the crash. If the errant behavior persists, you may have found your problem. Salvage what you can into a new file. Make sure that your software and OS X are up-to-date.

This is easy to do with software purchased from the Mac App Store. The same goes for OS X. Option four, Shut Down , is selected by default. Alternatively, you can press and hold the Power button for 1. Press Command? I have a non-Max keyboard wired in…. I will booting without that tonight. This is my first MAC and I have no disc. Someone else upgraded. While working on line my old Macbook locked up with wheel spinning and nothing happening. I hit the power button and the machine turned off. I hit the power button again and got a white screen with a folder in the middle.

No keys would work. I tried several key combinations. The folder went away. I now have a blank white screen. How can I unlock it? The blinking white folder with a question mark on it means the startup disk can not be found, reboot and hold down the Option key, select your boot disk, and start up as usual.

You may need to boot into Recovery Mode to repair the disk. Sometimes that happens when a disk is failing or will soon fail, so be sure to back up your data.

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It seems that my hard drive has crashed since all attempts of recovery have failed. Are there any other options? If everything comes up OK, then you can try doing a reinstall. But before you go through all of that, I would suggest you bring it to an Apple Store near you and have them check out for free. Go to this link, click on the Apple Store near you, then scroll down and click on the Genius Bar button and make an appointment:. So, I have a Macbook , wondering what will solve the issue I am having, it will power on but, the wheel keeps spinning and spinning until after a few mins, then it shuts off.

Can anyone suggest a quick fix? Brand new crashed Mac book Pro on permanent Black screen. Older Mac book in for hard drive problems. Yosemite to blame? I Think pc is the future. Annelenne mine did the exact same thing when I updated to El Captain 3 days after the warranty expired. I get freezes every few day.

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Usually Finder is the culprit. And when Finder locks up network connectivity is lost immediately. So SSHing in is a no go. And file system errors have happened often enough that shutting down by the power switch means I always have to restart to the recovery console to check my drives.

But sooner or later my luck will run out. Each new OS since Snow Leopard has gotten more unstable in file system land. Many others have said as much before but Apple keep hang on to this dinosaur like grim death. This is my third MAC. I have had a G5 Powerpc absolutely rock solid. This was followed by a Mac no longer supported by Apple. My present Imac repeatedly freezes; Mavericks was a disaster, currently using Yosemite which still freezes.

I am sorely tempted to return to PC land. I have needed this procedure twice, and both times I needed to fully re-install my MacBook from scratch! The first time convinced me of the necessity of TimeMachine, the second time with TimeMachine costed me a full 24 hours to recover. Nice tip, however, be careful and use only as last resort. Tried everything. Finally plugged in my iphone just to see what happens and it cleared everything up. Has been working just fine. Complete freezes are really bad and cut into my businesses ROI.

How do you force eject a disc? With a try right? Gotta be better for your Mac than pulling the power. I agree, the SSH route is by far the most machine friendly. My iMac does this freeze thing occasionally — graphics HW I suspect. Name required. Mail will not be published required. All Rights Reserved.

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How to Unfreeze a Mac & Fix Frozen Mac Apps?

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