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Now that you have the IP address of the drive, make sure that you see Finder in the top left corner of your screen, then click on Go, then Connect to Server. Select Connect.


Apple launches OS X El Capitan: Here's how to get it | Macworld

When prompted, enter your username and password and select Connect. If you do not see the NAS in Finder, check your desktop.

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If you do not see the NAS there, follow these steps:. Click on Finder in the top left hand corner of your screen. Choose Preferences. This will allow the NAS to show up on your Desktop. Here are a few suggestions for what to try next:. Make sure the computer is connected to the same network as the NAS. Here is an example of how it should be hooked up: Your NAS is plugged into your router via Ethernet cable and your computer is connected via Ethernet or Wi-Fi to that router. Make sure you are not connected to a guest network. See Picture below for a visual aid:.

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If nothing on your network sees the NAS at all, then you should power cycle your network. Although you could manually create titles and headers in previous versions of the Notes app, El Capitan now makes it easier by including these additional formatting tools. Just click the "Aa" icon to bring up the new options.

How to Set Up Dictation & Voice Commands in OS X El Capitan

Like iOS 9, El Capitan has also brought us the ability to create checklists in notes. Using the checklist icon, add items to your list and mark them off as they're completed or collected. In addition to being able to add URLs to your notes, you can also easily drag and drop documents into the Notes app. If you want to beef up your iCloud security, then you'll definitely love what you can now do with El Capitan and iOS 9. Using two-factor authentication , a six-digit PIN will be required before signing into your iCloud account on a new device or browser.

Like iOS 9, El Capitan also allows you to save your password for the App Store, preventing you from having to enter it every time you want to download a free app. Find the option under the App Store preferences.

OS X El Capitan For Dummies

Performing a slow double-click to rename a file isn't a huge hassle, but for those of us who want to get it done faster, we can now rename files from the contextual menu. El Capitan detects flight information, so if you receive a flight number in Mail, Messages, or saved one in Notes, you can click on it and get up-to-date information. We'll continue to update this roundup with lots of cool, hidden, and lesser-known tips and tricks for El Capitan, so stayed tuned. Sign Up. Share Your Thoughts Click to share your thoughts. Hot Latest. The websites stay loaded, so you can quickly switch to them at any time.

Another appreciated addition in Safari 9 is revamped AirPlay support: rather than streaming your entire Mac desktop to the Apple TV, you can stream just specific videos embedded in pages. This is thanks to the addition of Split View for full-screen apps. Hold down on the green zoom button on any window to activate Split View. You can then choose another full-screen app for the other side of the screen. This now mirrors Split View multitasking on iPad, although you can drag the divider to any arbitrary ratio of content and drag files between windows.

Cannot connect to my NAS using Finder in El Capitan (Mac OS 10.11)

It adds a lot more flexibility to workflows and is especially useful on larger-screen iMacs … where having just one app dominate the display was comical. The combined Split View appears as its own space in Mission Control and can be dragged around like a normal full-screen app.

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  5. Text labels show temporarily on hover but you lose the glanceable nature of the old behavior. Composing a new mail message would open a window outside of the Full Screen space. Yosemite added an integrated compose window and El Capitan builds on this further by adding a tab bar, so you can compose multiple messages at once. Similar to iOS, you can also slide the compose window down to refer to other messages before you finish sending your message. Relevant data appears in skinny bars at the top of the email so, in one click, you can perform a relevant action.

    Also like iOS, Mail for Mac now has the same action shortcuts for messages in list view. Swipe table cells to instantly delete or archive messages. For graphics, Apple has implemented Metal, its high-performance drawing framework, at the core of El Capitan so that it powers all system-level graphics operations.