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  1. How to Find Items Based on File Size on a Mac
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  3. How to Find out Large Files on Mac OS X
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Reduce Clutter will locate and identify big files on your Mac. With the help of filters you can effortlessly sort the results by size or last accessed date making it simple to determine which ones have been clogging your drive without even being used. The built-in utility also enables you to delete or access file location directly from the list.

How to Find Items Based on File Size on a Mac

Hover over the file for the buttons to show up. Most of you who take good care of your Apple computers already have a go-to cleaning utility of choice which should include a big files scanner. Besides having a more user-friendly interface, the core advantage of apps like MacFly Pro over the manual approach to finding large files is in automation.

Take MacFly Pro for example, with the help of built-in Smart Assistant it will automatically give you notice of big files that are on your Mac for over 30 days. You also keep the option of scanning for large files manually:.

macos - How do I quickly find large files and folders on my mac? - Ask Different

With all these options laid out, it all comes down to personal preference. But I want to find any system file that is more than 1GB too Medical School or Games Industry? Featured on Meta. Custom Filters release announcement. Linked 2.

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This option is totally customized and will work according to your requirement. Step 5.

How to Find out Large Files on Mac OS X

Now if you want to look always for large sized files only for the time being, then you can also make the filter parameters set for locating large files permanent by clicking the "Save" button in the upper right corner of the screen. TunesBro CleanGeeker is one of the famous Mac cleaning tools which have been gallantly ripping off other available tools lately with huge preference and positive feedbacks from user across the internet. It's great all-in-one Mac cleaning program which can flexibly optimize your Mac's performance and monitor the system space status.

CleanGeeker let your preview all the folders in your Mac in their respective categories and let you see how much space it is taking. You can then erase the folders that you do not require anymore. It is extremely easy to run, all you have to do is select the hard drive that you wish to scan and within minutes you will have the information of all the large files in the Mac that are wasting the disk space on the computer. Get the software downloaded to any of your operational Mac device and install it.

OmniDiskSweeper can find huge files fast

Double click on the icon to open it and from the main interface, click on "Large files Clean" tab from the left side. Follow up a quick scan to gauge the list of large files your Mac is currently storing or you can drop folders from finder into the software interface to let the scanning done. Check the files before removing them and then select them, and click "Delete".

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Confirm the action when prompted. Once you are done with all types of junk file cleaning, you can be rest assured of the proper condition of your Mac now onwards.

1. Search Tools

In addition to large files, You also are allowed to find and delete duplicated songs on iTunes library. Disk Inventory is a freeware tool specifically designed to visualizing disk space. Using this tool we would scan every corner of the directories to locate large sized files which are unnecessarily taking a lot of your valuable space. In order to put this tool to use, get it downloaded to your Mac and then open the tool.

Mac OS X - Find and Delete Large Files on Hard Drive