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Dial-up Etna cards need to be switched; please contact Vodafone support for assistance if the application displays the following error message when trying to connect with your Etna: "Mobile Connection Error. Could not open mobile communication. Try unplugging the device and plugging it in again. If the problem persists please try plugging the device into a different USB socket". The device can be used in WiFi mode. Therefore it is not possible to connect. Follow these steps to fix the issue: 1. Plug in the device with the USB cable 2. Select the web interface icon at the bottom left 4.

Your web browser will open the configuration interface of the R Enter your credentials to log in 6. Select 'Mobile Broadband' in the menu on the left side 7. Change 'Connection settings' to 'Automatic'. Confirm with 'OK'. You can now use Vodafone Mobile Broadband to open connections with your R Note: if you plug in a different device, Vodafone Mobile Broadband will need to restart in order to use it.

R Custom APNs are not saved when the device is switched off and on again. The R may prevent your Mac from going into standby when it is attached to the computer. The E, E and E Huawei devices cause a disc insertion message to be shown. Click the Ignore button to dismiss this message. This bug has no other effects. The E with firmware can cause your Mac to wake up from standby unexpectedly. Some Huawei devices, eg. Please contact Vodafone support and ask them for a replacement. Vodafone Group Page 10 of Workaround: reboot your Mac when the message is shown, or before switching devices.

If you then want to select a network manually, only 2G or 3G networks will be shown, not both. Workaround: to see all networks again, switch the Network Type manually on the mobile phone. The Vodafone Mobile Broadband application s Network Preference is currently not supported by many mobile phones. The following issues also affect some of the phones that do support the Network Preference: o Huawei: always displays the same text when trying to get the current network type; does not support the no band change parameter in the o network selection command.

Samsung: devices do not report the network type that was selected, eg. Some mobile phones display background operations on their screens, eg. Own number retrieval or Prepay account balance check, and show any resulting errors as well. This behaviour is dependent on the firmware version installed on the phone. The display cannot be suppressed, and should just be ignored. If you unplug a UV while a mobile connection is open, your Mac may crash. Vodafone Group Page 11 of Nokia , do not allow the application to display the current network type 2G, 3G in the application window or under the Connections Settings Select Networks tab.

SmartPlug: Some older phones may not be recognised. Workaround: unplug your phone from the SmartPlug, and then plug it in again. Vodafone Group Page 12 of Other product, company and service names mentioned herein may be the trademarks of their respective owners. Vodafone Group Page 13 of Vodafone Mobile Broadband Release Vodafone Mobile Connect Release 9. Quintiles, Inc. If Quintiles does not have a translation that your Company needs, the Company.

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Mobile Broadband Software for Mac

This User Guide provides step by step instructions that will take you through. Start Here Follow these instructions to set up your router. Report on Government Information July 1 - December 31, apple Apple takes our commitment to protecting your data very seriously and we work incredibly hard to deliver the most secure hardware, software. Note Please use only wired network connections to configure the Router. Turn off all of your network devices, including your computer, Modem and the Router. Last updated: 4 September Reporting practices for domestic and total debt securities While the BIS debt securities statistics are in principle harmonised with the recommendations in the Handbook on.

Install Image Lab software.

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Set up. This manual applies to ivms HD Android mobile client software; please read. We reserve the right to change the add-ons available to. Product solutions Enjoy free calls and significant savings on your business landline bills with from International. Set-up is simple and you don t need to change your existing telephone numbers, plus there.

Well, the title says it all. Yahoo offers free POP access to its mail server, in addition to access via its Web-based interface; if you want IMAP access, you have to sign up for premium service. Despite my repeated attempts to get her to switch to Gmail, she remains faithful to Yahoo. Furthermore, my wife tends to have a rather large Inbox. Actually, this is not surprising if you are used to POP: a mail client can offer to store messages in a folder on your PC, but the server knows nothing about this. So, if you want to have cross-device access to your mail, and still keep old messages for a while, well, the only way is to leave them on the POP server, so that they show up in your Inbox everywhere.

Indeed, iOS does a good job in this scenario: you only get to see 50 or so messages at a time, but if you need access to older messages, you can usually get to them quickly via search. The problem with this approach is that, if iDevices are your primary mail machines via IMAP , the rare time you access your mail via POP, your client has to download a lot of messages.

For us, this got so out of control that my wife simply stopped using her laptop for email.

How to install mobile broadband modem on your mac

My wife is ecstatic: not only does Mail look very much like the iPad mail client, she also sees exactly the same messages with no trouble at all, and no time spent downloading old messages! If you are a Yahoo mail user, this is a big win! Posted in Uncategorized. Tagged imap , lion , Mac , mail , osx , yahoo. My previous post dealt with how versioning and non-versioning apps interact under the new Mac OS X Lion release. I now turn to some low-level sleuthing. The motivation is, in a way, similar: I am interested in how command-line tools such as rsync may deal with versioning.

Again, the bottom line is that these tools will do exactly what they did under Snow Leopard and earlier releases, but that it is likely going to be hard to get them to back up and sync file versions. I need to do further testing on this point; feel free to provide any details you may have.

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As for the previous posts, useful background reading can be found at Ars Technica and Krypted. Here is what I found. That directory looks like this on my system:. If you drill down the PerUID directory there is a further subdirectory for each user ID, or UID, and further subdirectories off of that , you will see every single version of every single versioned file. The actual file names are replaced with hexadecimal hash codes, but extensions are preserved. You can actually open these files directly, e. You may think this is very inefficient: imagine a very large Pages or TextEdit file, with versions differing only by a few characters.

Does Lion actually save an entire copy of each version?

It turns out that Lion is smarter than this, but the details are a bit opaque. Actually figuring out which chunks have changed is pretty challenging, and again Ars Technica provides hints and links illustrating the principles and heuristics at work. Now, you may rememeber that Time Machine does something similar to keep the size of backups under control. Again, Ars Technica comes to our aid. Instead of saving a copy of your entire hard disk each time it runs, Time Machine creates hard links to files and directories that have not changed since the last backup, and only copies files that have been modified.

Related articles:

However, all this happens at the file level. Again, you can open each of these files, and you will see the corresponding revision. The last one dated August 6 at is apparently bytes long. This matches what you see if you issue ls -l in the directory where I keep the file itself:. However, notice the first lines in the two displays.

According to the ls manual entry, this displays the number of byte blocks actually used in the directory being listed.

How to connect to the Internet with your Mac

I assume that Lion saves files in byte bloks, so a byte file requires two such blocks—or exactly 16 byte blocks. But note that the versions directory requires zero byte blocks, despite the fact that it seemingly contains 4 non-empty files! So, what gives? When the OS needs to write a file to disk, it figures out where to place it, then creates an inode structure to keep track of it.

However, in principle, the OS could also create an inode pointer structure pointing to physical locations where other files are stored. So, in particular, Lion could be actually writing to disk the file chunks it tracks for a particular versioned file, then create an inode whose pointer structure points to these file chunks, and finally associating a file name with that inode. If this is what is going on, then files thus created would not take up any actual space, because they would merely be pointing to file chunks saved elsewhere, whose storage size is already accounted for.

To check this, I created a roughly 16MB rtf file containing only text lines. I then added one more line to it.

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At this point, the Finder reported ,,, bytes used. The finder now reported ,,, bytes used; there is a slight increase in hard disk usage, most likely due to virtual memory, intermediate files, or whatever—but the key thing is that hard disk usage did not go down by roughly 16MB. Then, I deleted the original version, thus keeping only the file in the regular, visible user folder: the Finder reported ,,, bytes used. Finally, I closed TextEdit and deleted the file in my own folder; Finder finally reported ,,, bytes used, or about 16MB less. The bottom line is that you can use file versioning and still retain full control on disk usage: Lion works hard not to keep redundant information on disk, and you can always decide to delete old, unused versions, thereby saving space.

However, there are some implications for Dropbox and by implication rsync :.

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One thing: there is some apparent space used in the. There is one file, In the course of my investigations, I deleted the entire. Bad idea! I thought that these would be regenerated upon first saving a version of a document, but this is not the case. Actually, versioning apps will simply refuse to save! The aforelinked site krypted. In fact, none of the files under db-v1 , for instance, was recreated upon saving in a versioned app, although version files off of PerUID were created.

What worked for me was using Disk Utility to repair the disk not just the permissions: the entire disk. Finally, a little trick: sudo -s gives you a root shell, without the need to actually enable the root user. Tagged document revisions , file versioning , lion , Mac. Ars Technica as usual provides an insightful and detailed explanation of this new feature; Krypted.

File versioning is, essentially, a consumer-level and user-friendly version control system. For instance, you can email the document you are working on without first saving it, because Lion does it for you so what you are sending is exactly what you have written so far. The bottom line is that, ideally, the user should never worry about losing her work. Saving is now a logically distinct operation: it means that the document is currently in a state that the user wants to preserve for possible future reference, even though she may want to continue editing it.

Both autosaving and versioning are application-level , not system-level features: that is, they must be supported by each individual applications. This is similar to other Lion features, such as full-screen mode. As you will see, I think this is a very good thing, because—in my opinion—these features do not necessarily make sense for all applications, or in all circumstances.

On the other hand, this raises an important question: how do these features interact with traditional file access, be it command-line or Finder-based, or simply via non-versioning apps? If you use Dropbox , this question is relevant: what exactly gets synchronized?

How to Set Up Your MacBook's Internet Connection - dummies

Indeed, Dropbox is essentially a fancy front-end to the rsync utility, which I use directly for my work backups in addition to Dropbox ; again, how do versioning and autosaving interact with it? Autosaving does not present any problems in this respect: once a file is named, further changes are saved just as if the user was a compulsive CMD-S hitter that is, me. So, rsync and friends work just fine; there are some subtleties related to accessing a file with both a versioning and a non-versioning app, but nothing that interferes with usage: see below for details.

The situation for file versioning is a bit more complicated. To investigate possible adverse effects, I had to explore the implementation of this feature. There is some information on the Internet again, see the aforelinked articles , but a lot of details are missing, and I should warn you that I myself did not go very far—although I did uncover a few interesting tidbits.