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Actually, it is really easy once you know the shortcuts. These directions include the shortcuts for both Word for Windows and Word for Mac.

Commands and shortcuts for above-the-line typing

Using these shortcuts makes things much easier. Subscripts are the small letters or numbers that are set slightly below the normal line of text.

How to Type Subscripts on Mac

Conversely, superscripts are set slightly above this line of type. Important: These following command keys serve as toggles. Pressing the shortcut once will place it in subscript or superscript mode. Pressing the shortcut again will return to normal text.

Keyboard shortcuts in Word for Mac - Word for Mac

One way to remember this is that the plus-combo is a natural choice for the superscript since it is above the type. Your participation helps us to help others.

Select the specific text you want to appear as subscript so it becomes highlighted. In this example, you'd want to select the number 2 in H2O.

Keyboard shortcuts in Word for Mac

On macOS and Windows only : Select the Subscript button, located in the Font section of Word's main toolbar and represented by the letter 'x' and a depressed number 2. Tip : You can also use the following keyboard shortcut in lieu of select this button. Word Online only : Select the More Font Options button, represented by three horizontally-aligned dots and located between the Clear Formatting and Bullets buttons on Word's main toolbar. When the drop-down menu appears, select the Subscript option.

How to format Superscript on Word 2008 for Mac

Your selected character s should now appear in subscript format. Repeat these steps at any time to reverse this formatting. Continue Reading.