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FMA fact : If you want to make use of e-mail-based discovery you will need to use StoreFront, it does not work with Webinterface. Using StoreFront, you can also create your own provisioning files, which contain connection details needed for your users to connect.

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Once Receiver is installed all they have to do is double-click the provisioning file and Receiver will be automatically configured. When using Receiver for Web sites, and many do, you can also offer the provisioning file on there. Just like with the Citrix Receiver installation file itself. As a third option, you can provide your users with the information needed to connect up to StoreFront for them to enter manually.

Here you can use the XenApp services site if you are still on 6. After the information has been entered Receiver will first try and verify the connection: once done and successful your users will be prompted to fill in their user credentials. Self Service Mode. It enables the user to subscribe to resources directly from the locally installed Receiver right-click on the system tray icon and, just like with the Receiver for Web sites approach, Keywords can also be used to pre-subscribe certain resources to your users.

Another potential advantage when using this approach opposed to the more limited Web Access Mode although preferred by many where Receiver is not configured, and users access a Receiver for Website is the ability to almost fully manage and customize the application shortcut location or you let your users decide for themselves. Your users will not have to manually subscribe to their resources before being able to launch them. Of course, these two modes, Web Access, and Self Service can be configured and used side-by-side.

FMA fact : All, or at least most, of these resource shortcut management options were already available with Citrix Receiver Enterprise up to version 3. It took up to Citrix Receiver version 4. Just be careful and think about when to implement which solution. Not all of your users will be too happy with a preconfigured Start menu or desktop, for example, especially when dozens or more applications are involved.

Unfortunately, there will always be some pros and cons no matter which route you choose. You have options. Luckily, when needed you do have some options to play with. Applications can be configured on an individual basis to be placed in the Start menu or on the desktop, or you can let your users decide. Put them all on the desktop or in the Start menu by default or a combination of all options mentioned: it is up to you. This is accomplished by manually configuring the Citrix Receiver. If you want…. There are a couple of more options available so make sure to check out the E-docs pages on Citrix Receiver.

FMA fact : By disabling the self-service mode it is enabled by default subscribed-to applications can only be accessed through the Start menu and desktop shortcuts. This is also referred to as short cut-only mode. Now, of course, there is still a lot more to tell and share when it comes to the Citrix Receiver, but hopefully, this section provided you with enough information on some of its inner workings and more specifically why it is such an important piece of the puzzle.

Key takeaways. Chapter index. My books 2 Inside Citrix chapters 28 Cheat sheets 10 Download.

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Before commenting, read the introduction blog post here You might also recall that around the same time Receiver was introduced, Citrix started to rename some of their existing clients. It all started with the first release of the ICA Client software, version 4. As of version This was over ten years later in June Although it was renamed, it still contained the same software packages. This was in May during Citrix Synergy. As mentioned, initially Receiver was meant as a placeholder for all other Citrix clients, which as of Receiver 1.


How to configure access to your local computer's drives from a Citrix app

It stayed this way all through Soon after, when version Are you still with me? With the release of version This happened in August As highlighted earlier, as of version 1. At that time Receiver, 3. Receiver Inside was integrated into the Online Plug-in to form a new package, which got namedCitrix Receiver Enterprise. Not sure of the technical feasibility, though.

Citrix Receiver for Macintosh Installation and First Launch - IS&T Contributions - Hermes

Here is the issue. Working on enterprise apps from a touch-centric device is not easy. Scrolling in Word docs, pdfs, or other applications is a challenge. Moving and resizing windows is also difficult.

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Editing documents is generally smooth, but has its pain points, too. This may not be anything that Citrix can fix -- it may just be an artifact of navigating windows through a touch interface. Nevertheless, if there is some way to ease the burden of interfacing with a remote Windows machine, that would be a substantial and worthy improvement.

This app along with numbers and pages and email and whatever goes backwards in functionality whenever you guys make updates. The keyboard stinks now without the forward and backward keys. Was a five star app but you took it down to a four. The only real advantage of the So the photos have taken quite a bit off space. Probably find some more stuff as I go along. I think you guys change stuff just to make it new not better.

Installing the Citrix Client on a Mac 2016

Changing just for change sake is stupid not smart. The app we require is useless on a smartphone, and only marginally navigable on a tablet. Access to highly important, time sensitive information takes WAY too long to navigate to. I have much better luck using a different VNC app into my office computer to access the required app within citrix. The full screen view loses itself when a device is rotated and shrinks down to a postage stamp. Upgrade to Receiver for Mac At the moment, only Windows devices are supported. A new feature introduced to MacOS High Sierra requires user approval to load any newly-installed third-party kernel extensions.

Citrix Receiver for Mac Upgrading to DisplayLink v4. The issue is still being investigated for earlier MacOS versions. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email.

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