My lol wont launch mac

Uninstall League of Legends using App Cleaner

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Most popular apps are fully-functional on the new system.

Premier Pro CC Won't Launch - Hangs on Mac | Adobe Community

In case you have doubts, try looking into the About section and see when your app was last updated and to which version. The easiest advice is — find a compatible alternative. For instance, you can have a huge collection of quality, High-Sierra-compatible apps for all kinds of Mac tasks on Setapp.

If your app is compatible but still crashes, there must be something else at work. You can try checking how your Mac is doing in real-time while the app works with iStat Menus. This app is probably features among your startup items — apps that start together with your Mac when you turn it on. If your Mac freezes or the app prevents other app from launching, try removing it from login items.

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High Sierra has employed the new file system, named unimaginatively Apple File System. In case the apps that crash are stored elsewhere on your Mac, like on your Desktop instead of the Applications folder and are installed there, they have been transformed into the new file system. If you have the latest version and your app is compatible, there are a few things you can still do to try and fix the crashing.

Use CleanMyMac to clean up your system and caches, which is another way of removing possible hindrances for software. Send a crash report, describe your situation and maybe there are some app-specific recommendations they can share with you.

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Look for an alternative. And, instead of buying new apps one by one, try Setapp subscription.

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It obviously can be done, since Spectator mode is accessible from within the client. It seems likely that it can be done from the CLI, since Windows can do it and the clients are supposed to equals. My question is if there are any other things I can try to figure out how to launch Spectator mode myself.

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Trying to get into spectator mode from the CLI. It's possible on Windows see first code block but it just restarts League on Mac.

How to start League Of Legends when it's not responding MAC

What else can I try to find what call is made, and how to reproduce it? This is everything that dtruss turned up for that one step. Sorry for posting this on StackOverflow the first time :.

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I was wondering this same thing, and you were SO close This worked for me. The only problem is after spectating the game, the lobby doesn't reset properly -- the "game has ended" event doesn't seem to register properly when the spectator client is launched this way. So, I just close the app and relaunch To test, use lolquickfind to find a live game of a popular streamer to spectate. No matter how I escaped the spaces it didn't seem to work.

Using wildcards for spaces fixed it though. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Background: tl;dr at the end League of Legends has a spectator mode, in which you can watch someone else's game essentially a replay with a 3 minute delay. GG, it sends a batch file which looks for where the League is situated and then the magic happens: start "" "League of Legends.

I'm trying to get it to work on Mac which has an official client. Spectator mode is launched in exactly the same way that the OP. GG's spectate server. Alex Popov. Alex Popov Alex Popov 1 1 silver badge 6 6 bronze badges. You win the internet today. I can't believe there's just a variable that stops it from relaunching on passing in arguments. Curious how you found it. Unfortunately, I quit League 2 months ago: it was killing my creativity and giving me insomnia, but this is excellent work.

Remove League of Legends Manually

I spectated a game, then did a "ps -Ewww" and looked for the spectator processor. The "-Ewww" giives you the full environment variables for the process. But, it's great fun, too. I don't imagine either of you have revisited this lately, have you? I tried the above substituting the latest version and it crashes with a "bus error". Nevermind, I'm a dummy and must have had a typo. Works great substituting 0.