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  1. MAC Huggable Lipcolour Collection Preview and Swatches: 9 Shades.
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The texture definitely takes some getting used to especially if you have not used cream blushes before. On my medium complexion, Blushed Rose goes on quite sheer and I usually have to layer it on to achieve a nice dose of healthy flush. The formula is scent-free and doesn't turn to powder.

MAC New Huggable Lipcolours For 2015: Lip Swatches & Review

The cream texture leaves a seamless and dewy finish that is incredibly natural-looking and long-lasting. I get about hours of solid wear and after that it fades only slightly.

MAC Huggable Lip Colour: Touché, Fresh & Frisky, Out for Passion and Rich Marrón

It can be worn on bare skin or over foundation which I honestly did not see much of a difference in longevity either way. Setting with powder is optional, though it will undoubtedly help extend the wear time, especially if you have oily skin. Now as a lip product , I say it is simply a tinted lip balm at best. Blushed Rose is basically the color of my lips.

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Packing it on doesn't make much of a difference on me so to me, it isn't really buildable. The formula is creamy and comfortable enough to wear on the lips without emphasizing dry areas but then again I have only worn it over the Bite Agave Lip Mask. Without a balm underneath, I suspect it could be a little drying.

Staying power on the lips is short-lived. I'd be lucky to get a full 3 hours out of it.

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Once you consume your first meal, it's pretty much gone and re-application will be needed. While the formula doesn't perform well on its own on the lips, I think it does make for a good base for lipsticks. In fact, you can wear it as a base for your powder blushes as well. Given the choice of color, Blushed Rose isn't exactly what I'd normally go for.

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  • I prefer something brighter with a more youthful vibe like Calypso Coral or Raspberry. I think either one of these two would suit my preference better. Do you change up your makeup routine when the weather gets cold? What are some of your must-have winter skin savers? Hi Jaa!

    Review: MAC Hint of Colour Lip Oil - twindly beauty blog

    I definitely use hand cream religiously during the winter, and try to take extra care to moisturize my skin. Thanks, Carolyn! Oh I go through hand creams like water! Especially in winter! It lasted two and a half hours on me. It had mostly opaque color coverage, and the color applied evenly overall. It lasted well for four and a half hours on me. I also noticed that the color settled into lip lines noticeably after an hour and a half. It lasted just over two hours on me.

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