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How To Use Internet Explorer For Mac

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How to Run Internet Explorer on a Mac?

Eric Slivka. Juli Clover. Safari, Google Chrome, Edge , and Firefox would later cut into that dominant position, offering faster browsers with better security that were built on standards that produced an open web platform.

How to Use Internet Explorer 11 in Mac OS X without Virtual Machine

In the early years of developing IE, Microsoft imbued it with proprietary features that were used to differentiate the IE browser from others. When these websites were visited with other browsers, there was no guarantee they would look or act as intended. Thankfully, web standards, as promoted by the World Wide Web Consortium W3C , have become the gold standard for both browser development and website building.

Internet Explorer for Mac OS X - Wikipedia

But there are still many websites out there that were originally built to work only, or at least best, with specific browsers, such as Internet Explorer. Here are the ways you can view and work with just about any website designed for specific browsers, including IE, Edge, Chrome, or Firefox, on your Mac.

The reason this works is because, in the past, web developers would target a specific browser or a specific operating system when they built their websites. Using a different web browser may allow the website in question to look correct; it can even cause a button or field that refused to show up in one browser to be in the proper place in another. Safari has a hidden menu that provides a wide range of specialized tools and utilities used by web developers.

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Two of these tools can be very helpful when trying to view non-cooperating websites. Microsoft said it would continue to support Internet Explorer 5 for the Mac for the foreseeable future, but development of the browser has been discontinued. Any future updates to the browser will only contain maintenance or security fixes, no new features. Microsoft is discontinuing development for Internet Explorer in part because of Apple's new Web browser, Safari.

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Apple is in a unique position of having unfettered access to the operating system that no other developer has.