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How to keep older Macs secure: a geeky approach (run Mojave on unsupported Macs)

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Asset Tags. Complete Charging Solutions. Dell Chargers. Jun 17, PM in response to Boece In response to Boece At the bottom of the linked page this company says they have a new mac mini lock box coming out later this month. I think I'll get it as I want to use mine in public places. User profile for user: Alex33 Alex Servers Enterprise Speciality level out of ten: 0. Jun 19, AM in response to Mojave Mark In response to Mojave Mark The missing option to secure the new MacMini will keep the new Mini out of schools, higher education and public places such as librarys.

Jun 21, AM in response to Alex33 In response to Alex33 Yeah might as well just get the larger iMacs, which is what I usually see at the schools and colleges I've been to anyways. Jun 25, AM in response to daviangel In response to daviangel Hm, you then have probably not seen enough schools and colleges. The Mini was a versatile piece of computer engineering that you could deploy almost anywhere.

These times are gone unfortunately.. This, in combination with the increased starting price, is definitely not helpful with encouraging more Macs in kiosk situations. Despite the likeliness of a third-party solution, Apple should not have left off this important security feature. Even though the slot would not protect against RAM removal, it is still essential to preventing the loss of property.

I appreciate the design and the changes made. I really don't think there is a practical way to offer a kensington slot type solution. BUT, then again Apple is known for figuring out ways to make the impossible happen. They obviously didn't think it was important enough. I believe they made a big mistake. This case might make sense where you really want that Mini running as a kiosk or so.

Kensington Lock anyone? Message was edited by: Alex Jul 5, AM in response to Alex33 In response to Alex33 Yeah, for a college student, for example, this is an expensive solution. Ask a question Reset. Scanning technology already in use at the Mexican border was pitched as a way to build profiles of driver habits. Apple disables Walkie-Talkie app due to snooping vulnerability. The feature has been disabled while Apple fixes the bug.

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Mac Mini Lock

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