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  1. Mailplane Gets Reviewed
  2. Why Airmail is the Best Mac OS X Email Client and a Guide to the Competition | Lifehacker UK
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Mailplane Gets Reviewed

Get reminded anytime Never forget a meeting, deadline or the milk again. Conversations With Comments you can have conversations with your friends and colleagues in real-time in any of your to-do lists. I Comments Host all your communication in one place, accessible for all.

L Share lists Share your lists with colleagues, friends and family.

Why Airmail is the Best Mac OS X Email Client and a Guide to the Competition | Lifehacker UK

N Notes Add Notes to make sure all your ideas are captured. X Mail to Wunderlist Turn emails into actions by simply forwarding them. Z Print Print your to-dos and lists with just one click. You can also set up custom folders and shortcuts for things like to dos, memos, or whatever else. Which is to say, with a bit of work, you can really make Airmail your own. You can even try out beta versions from the developer's site if you prefer to stay on the cutting edge.

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Namely, Airmail doesn't have the best support out there, and its support forums aren't helpful either. Otherwise, a few interface quirks keep Airmail from being perfect. A lot of the buttons are difficult to understand, and functions like quick reply or spam control aren't obvious.

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  • Likewise, the preferences pane, although packed with options, is difficult to navigate and use to customise Airmail to your liking. Once it's all set up you'll never look at it again, but it takes a bit of work to get it to operate how you want.

    41 Best Alternatives to Gmail

    The obvious competition is Apple Mail which is very similar to MailMate but with fewer features and more problems. It has a very similar interface to Mail app but corrects pretty much everything that's wrong with Apple's default client while adding a few other really compelling features.

    Five Interesting Mac Apps Worth Checking Out - August 2018

    It's light on disk space only 13MB and it runs very quickly in comparison to every other email client we looked at. Search is amazing, providing you with a ridiculous amount of control. Smart mailboxes are smarter because you can filter based on plenty of very specific criteria, plus you can get pretty specific with the rules you can assign. You can access almost everything from keyboard shortcuts. The layout of the app can change with a quick shortcut to one of five very useful options, including widescreen mode.

    While Gmail support could be better, you can actually do things like archive messages with a click of a button. Lastly, dynamic signatures is very helpful.

    The 25 Best Productivity Apps for Mac in 2018

    MailMate takes a look at the last email you sent to a particular person and what signature you used if any. Rather than selecting a signature based on the email account you're sending from, it selects the last signature you used. But it's not perfect.

    Plus much more!