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A moisturizer that rehydrates skin and provides relief from redness and irritation.

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Purchasing from the Sephora NZ website. Lipstick halp? Beauty Poll See all.

Complete Comfort Creme

This lovely serum came in a BBBE. More on Beauty Review. All Rights Reserved. All prices in NZD. Made with love by bocapa. Very elegant. The texture is smooth and thick but it does not feel thick on the skin. It does feel tacky after putting it on but it does set … Read more.

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About reviewer reviews. This is my HG moisturizer and the only thing I can use on my very sensitive skin.

It has very little smell if any , and goes on thicker than most creams. I tend to like this, since I also have dry skin. About reviewer 6 reviews. This one is a keeper! A moisturizing cream that is soothing to my sensitive, parched skin, lasts all day and isn't greasy. I wouldn't have considered MAC for skincare I think of it as a makeup line but I got this about a month ago based on the reviews from here and I'm glad I did because this stuff is nothing short of magnificent.

Product description

About reviewer 9 reviews. For a long time, I've been looking for a moisturizer that was fairly thick and would make my skin feel dewy all day. It's not a heavy cream and isn't oily, but keeps my skin hydrated all day. Definitely recommend. I can't stress enough how amazing this cream is.

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After a couple days of using this my skin tone looked amazing and the condition of my skin evened out. I put it on every morning and every night. I also suffered from acne. I noticed after using this creme it cleared up significantly. The other creme I was using was clogging my pores apparently. I will forever buy … Read more. About reviewer 30 reviews. I recently switched from a well known yellow moisturizer to MAC comfort creme after I noticed that my usual moisturizer wasn't doing the trick anymore.

I had heard good things about MAC's skincare line, so I decided to give it a try. So far, so good! I have moderate adult acne with combination skin, so at first I was worried about breakouts, but nothing has happened … Read more. About reviewer 8 reviews.

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  • MAC Complete Comfort Cream Review.
  • MAC Complete Comfort Crème Review;
  • Initially, I was at MAC being helped finding lipstick. The SA noticed that I have super dry skin that is also sensitive and acne-prone, so upon checkout she gave me a generous sample jar of this creme. I didn't think much of it at the time, but over the next couple days as I used it overnight, my skin saw a dramatic difference. The redness was gone, I stopped flaking and it just overall … Read more.

    About reviewer 21 reviews.

    MAC Complete Comfort Creme Review - Beauty Review

    I love this moisturizer, best I have ever tried yet. I rated 4 because of the perfume, I would say "smell". It's smell like ashtray. I would purchase again if the scent is changed. Not purchasing another ashtray. Ask for a sample and try it, don't do like I did and buy just because is a good product. About reviewer 3 reviews.

    Consistency is nice, and sleek packaging.