Recuperar un documento de word no guardado en mac

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But data recovery of presentations on your Mac is possible — and Disk Drill can help. Free Download. Upgrade to PRO. Even after files are deleted, your Mac often saves an invisible copy of the file for a while, until it is overwritten by new data. Disk Drill will scan your Mac and check for any hidden files. Check out the steps below for a quick overview of Mac data recovery for presentations. The best part is that the Basic edition of Disk Drill is completely free, so there is no risk in downloading the app and giving it a try.

Once you have downloaded the installation file, double-click it and follow the installation instructions. When finished, launch the app. How to recover deleted files on Mac.

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Disk Drill will run all of its Mac data recovery tools for presentations and display the results. Carefully review the list of files presented and note that your original file name may have been lost. Be sure to preview the whole file because that is the only way to ensure that the file is not corrupted. Download Disk Drill today! Protection options offered by Disk Drill are outstanding!

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