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I bought two of these the last time I was at the store. You can find the MAC launches out now. All other items purchased by me. MAC has launched quite a few new things this year and I feel I blinked and almost two months have already passed by. New products roll out at lightening speed which I can barely keep up on so today I have a roundup of several launches. They come in cardboard packaging with a magnetic closure and mirror inside.

Both seem pretty sturdy in packaging. They can be built to a high shine frost but if you layer them over blush or bronzer the shimmer effect is smoother and not quite as intense. The formula is really good and I think these are a pretty good value for the price. Get it Glowin has two golds that look really similar on my skintone, the variations are slight once on the skin. Then there is one warm bronzey shade. Right now Get it Glowin adds a lot of warmth and glow to the skin.

As I get darker I suspect it will be more of a highlighter. The colors are similar on my skin but I really love the soft diffused pink glow these give. Lasting power is really good with these powders and there is very little powder fall out. Next are the new brushes. MAC redesigned all their Makeup Brushes with synthetic materials.

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Some of the classics have remained but there are also new shapes and options. If you want a more detailed review of their brushes I can do a separate post on them. Some brushes like S, S and S are split fibers which gives two different effects. All the brushes are very well made with smooth and super soft tips. So far the synthetic version seems to perform just as well as the originals. In addition MAC has also started carrying beautyblenders in their stores and on their website.

Nothing really quite compares to them! Last but not least are some new additions to skincare. There are two new products in the Mineralize Skincare Line. They launched two new charcoal infused products which are designed to detox the skin. On the face it feels really soothing. It will shrink a little as it dries but not so much that it feels overpowering.

Skin is left feeling a lot more clean and less oily. These came in the mini sizes last year in Rose, Lavender and Coconut.

13 Of The Best Nude Lipsticks To Suit Olive Skin

I stocked up on TONS of these since the minis were limited-edition. I love these to set makeup, refresh the skin or even to prime before moisturizer and foundation. I find them really versatile and the scents are soft and not overpowering. That wraps up my MAC roundup!


You can find the new MAC launches out now. There are two new MAC collections that launch today! Everything is limited-edition and I wanted to get these up as soon as I could before items sell out. Everything is beautiful in color and very wearable — but your preference for shimmer might make you pass on the shadows. Both quads are with the baked formula which makes the shadows harder and stiff. I found they swatched poorly on the arms but applied better on the lids if I prime them.

The good news for me is once I applied them they stayed put. There is also a gorgeous Mineralize Skinfinish with a shimmer and matte bronze called Satin Shimmer.

15 Best MAC Lipsticks You Need To Have

This has medium-sheer pigment and looks natural on the skin. Both are super smooth in texture and feel hydrating on the lips. These are good in pigment with a pretty soft shine to them. It is a soft matte without any white cast on my skin and lasts an impressive amount of time. Next are the lips which come in matching lipstick and lipglass shades. There are corresponding lipliners from the permanent lineup but they come in special-edition packaging. Lipsticks and Lipglasses come in the following shades: She Betta Werrrk is a pale but wearable pink, Mamastarrr is a perfect nude, Patrick Woo is a bright vibrant red.

I really appreciate the fact that the pale pink shade is wearable even on my pigmented lips and olive skin tone. I do think the lipliners are ones you can skip. You can find both collections online now at MAC Cosmetics. I believe the Jade Jagger collection will be available only at select MAC stores I called a few near me and neither of them said they were going to receive it.

Everything is limited-edition and some pieces are harder to find as there are a few retailer exclusives. By now some of the items have sold out online but you may want to check your local stores to see if you can find anything. I received a number of press samples but tracked down some items at my local Nordstrom and MAC store. Featured today includes:.

MAC Lipsticks: 15 of the Best

First are some lip picks. I love the MAC holiday lip sets because they often have minis and are color-themed. There are six individual Snow Ball Lipsticks in the collection. I have four which I purchased including:. The Nude Lip Bag is my absolute favorite even if it seems dupe-able:. For the face there are lots of highlighter options. There are two individual Face Powders in an Opalescent Finish. Both are noticeable on the skin but in comparison to other highlighters they have a slightly stiffer texture which makes them sheerer and less metallic.

These come with a sequins bag and small S brush in a metallic handle. This one performs well for a smoky eye look but two of the colors are very glittery with a lot of fallout unless you pat it on the lids. For eye makeup all the single Extra Dimension Eye Shadows pretty much sold out the day they launched. I tracked them all down in stores and am not really sure why they sold out in record time.

They are indeed super beautiful but very metallic. The texture is smooth and easy to apply. On the lids they are perfect party-wear shadows. Colors include:. One last look below. Overall lots to explore and love in this holiday collection. I really think there is something for everyone.

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The individual eyeshadows are stunning but are on the glitzy side which makes them a bit challenging for everyday wear if you need a conservative look. Press samples and purchased items featured. The MAC x Nicki Minaj collection just launched which includes an entire collection of nude lipsticks and glosses. There are two special edition nudes that were created by Nicki Minaj that come in gorgeous pink packaging along with eighteen other lipsticks and six lipglasses some repromotes, some are new.

The same day my order arrived a beautiful press package arrived so I ended up with two of everything. Many of these shades are on the lighter side and a lot look very similar on me like super pale concealer. Both have an amazing smooth opaque formula that covers the lip in one swipe.

Just something to keep in mind when applying — apply if very gently. Shown below include:.

As mentioned above all the lip swatches are on bare lips. There may be a visible dark ring around the edges as that is my natural lip showing through. All lip swatches done on bare lips. Next set of nude lipstick colors include the following:. Apply with lipstick: all lipsticks because this gloss only imparts the glossiness and the golden sheen to the lips. Feature: MAC describes Cultured as a semi-sheer light pink with a slight purple undertone a opalescent mauve pink with pinky-purple and silver microshimmer.

It is exactly light purple in the tube but when applied to the lips, it looks like a warm pink that just makes my lips look so natural, polished and fresh. The color is so surprisingly beautiful when applied on top of a lipstick, not quite as warm toned as Nymphette, but nice mid toned pink. Because this gloss is semi-sheer, it will look much different on someone with pigmented lips.

It is a slightly sticky and thick gloss so that it could stays around 3 hours on my lips and does not completely fade even after a full meal. With one coat, this lip glass creates a nice plum color. With more coats, it creates a more vampy look. This sexy dark wine berry gloss is pretty and sexy with my medium brown complexion of dark brown eyes and hair in autumn or winter. Maybe its appearance is not attractive enough but when being applied, it turns out to be perfection and looks so gorgeous.

It goes on lighter than what it looks like in the tube, on my lips it looks like a nice cappuccino colour which is close to my natural lip color, but a little deeper. Therefore, it would be an awesome shade for those with dusky and medium skin tones. It had semi-opaque pigmentation that went on fairly evenly and smoothly without gathering too much into lip lines. The lipglass is quite thick but it does not settle in the fine lines of my lips.

It is also quite sticky and hence the good staying power like other MAC best lipglass. Feature: MAC Lust is a soft pinkish-brown lipglass which has gorgeous lusty cremey colour — a great muted pink without being too pink, or too brown. To be honest, the way Lust lipglass looked in the tube discourages me so badly. It looked like a dreary deep mauve or brownish pink. However, when applying this lip gloss on lips, I have to say that Lust is really a pretty, warm rosy brown like the color of warm caramel.

It is so pretty and polished on your lips and very versatile too. Lust is a very well pigmented ,thick and sticky shade of lipglass and it is not shimmery or frosty. It is creamy, soft and moisturizing almost like a liquid lipstick as opposed to a sheer lipgloss. So it invariably is suited for most indian and asian skin tones with a natural bare face or a crazy smokey eye. Lust lipglass is one of the best MAC lipglosses which is deserved to be trust and love.

Myth would shines when combining with Myth lipstick as a combo of fabulous neutral nude tone. The point is that the lipglass is definitely darker and takes on a brown tone versus the peach in the lipstick so that it does make the combo a bit warmer and absolutely more natural. Mac lip gloss in general and Myth in specific are also vanilla-scented but taste-free. They are very sticky and have a thick, borderline-goopy consistency. It is said that the consistency of this shade was particularly thicker and stickier than other Mac lip gloss.

Thanks to gorgeous color and texture, Myth is one of the most popular shades in the MAC cosmetics collection. MAC describes it just right and it indeed is a dirty plumy color with a hint of coppery brown and beautiful golden sparkles which I am in love with. To me it seems more of as a brown colour rather than plum that also can give the appearance of a neutral pink, so it caters to many different skintones. It could be said that it looks great on light to medium neutral or warm skintones. But do not entirely mind it because when you apply a good coat of lip balm first, the texture would be a bit better on your lips.

I also enjoy the fragrance which is the identical classic vanilla of the MAC lipstick as well as its moisturizing. This color is pretty pigmented and creamy which looks exactly like the color lips on barbie. It is definitely not a slippery gloss but it lasts a very long time on lips. Apply with lipstick: all lip colors but especially with neutral pink one such as MAC Snob lipstick.

Feature: Oh Baby is a golden bronze lip gloss which shines with tiny multicolored shimmer flecks.

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This shade looks quite pigmented in the tube and in hand swatches while it comes almost clear shimmery gloss on my lips with two swipes. Though it might not have enough pigment for dark skin tones, it is flattering on most skin tones, especially suitable with Asian skin tone. Oh Baby kisses lips with a glittery golden bronze that looks particularly stunning on paired on bronze brown lipsticks with bronze and teal eyeshadows. As all MAC Lip glass, the texture is sticky but is not milky which adheres nicely on our lips.

I really adore its classic vanilla fragrance. Latest Comments. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Comment.