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That incredible sequence in the middle of the first prequel gave us an awesome video game too: Star Wars: Episode I Racer. The game was originally released on Windows and Nintendo 64 in May of , followed by releases for the Dreamcast, Macintosh, and Gameboy Color.

An arcade version of the game was also released in , with thruster handles and a big boost button the center of the console. The game was very well received, and is considered one of the better Star Wars-related games every created. Diego 0 point Windows version. SCR 0 point.

Sparky 0 point. Got it running in Win 10 no problem. Downloaded the ISO and x64 fix. Installed from burned ISO via fix. Only problem, on first try message saying "create dxgifactory2 could not be found. Problem solved, game runs great. Daz Favor 0 point Windows version.

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Luck SkayWaker 0 point Windows version. Any way to fix this?

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Should I change a file or anything? Guymeleth 1 point Windows version. Thanks you! I got the bug with the camera staying in front of me but with TAB it's ok. Sebulba 7 points. Soap -4 points.

Ike 2 points. Maik 2 points. I turn it into. Audio feature State Notes Separate volume controls.

System Requirements

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Star Wars Episode I Racer Playthrough - 2017 (1440p 60fps)

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Star Wars Episode I Racer - Mac Specs

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Abandonware Games / Star Wars Racer

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