Bssid and mac address same

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  1. networking - Difference between essid, bssid and ssid in commands? - Ask Ubuntu
  2. Understanding the Network Terms SSID, BSSID, and ESSID

Step 1 Click the Start icon, then type "cmd" into the Search box without quotes and press the "Enter" key.

What is a MAC Address?

Step 3 Type "ping gatewayip" without quotes , where "gatewayip" is the IP address of the default gateway. Step 4 Press "Ctrl" and "C" simultaneously to cancel the ping application. References Microsoft: ARP. About the Author Chad Anderson began writing professionally in When you physically move your laptop from one room to another, the BSS you use can change because you moved from the area covered by one access point to the area covered by another access point, but this does not affect the connectivity of your laptop.

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networking - Difference between essid, bssid and ssid in commands? - Ask Ubuntu

As an administrator, you are interested in the activity within each BSS. This tells you what areas of the network might be overloaded, and it helps you locate a particular client.

BSSIDs Identify Access Points and Their Clients

This works fine for an access point with one radio and one WLAN configured. However, an ad-hoc network, a network that forwards traffic from node to node, has no access point. With this, the settings can either be broadcast enabled and open, or broadcast disabled and close.

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This is the simplest of all because no network infrastructure is required. This consists of one or more stations that help communicate directly with each other.

This basic service set can communicate with other stations but not in the same basic service set through communicating with each other through access points. Both independent basic service sets and infrastructure basic sets have a logical network set identifier.

Understanding the Network Terms SSID, BSSID, and ESSID

These two, effectively, cannot be distinguished at the logical link control layer level. If you are a user, the most common issue is that you are totally unaware of which basic service set you belong to. If you move your laptop from one place to another place, the basic service set that you also use will also change because you move to another area which is covered by another access point but it will not really affect the connectivity of the laptop.