How to add line feed in excel cell mac

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Do you know if there is a way to get automatic line break, so that I don't have to do it manually - by Ctrl-Alt-Enter - every time.

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Grateful for advice I love you! I knew the solution on a PC but thought I'd tried every combination on the Mac to no avail! Thank you.

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All rights reserved. Call us Get in touch Using Shift-Enter doesn't work, but fortunately there is another key combination that does work: Ctrl-Alt-Enter or Ctrl-Option-Enter That works perfectly - problem solved! I'm using Excel for Mac but I expect it will work in all Mac versions.

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How To Add A Line Break / ENTER In EXCEL 2016 CELLS And FORMULAS

Count line breaks in cell. Add line break based on OS.

keyboard - How to add a line break in a cell in Excel for Mac - Ask Different

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How to concatenate with line breaks. In this video, we demo how to join different values together in one cell with line breaks.

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