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  1. Die besten 50 Freeware Synthesizer für MAC & PC -
  2. Die besten 50 Freeware Synthesizer für MAC & PC

A Buchla-like Synthesizer for Reaktor 6?

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Yes, there is one. Trevor Gavilan has developed […]. Sequencism is an easy-to-use sketchbook app with essential tools for creating music including full support for AUv3 plugins. Sequencism is a music sketchbook app that allows the creation of short and simple pieces of music. I consider for this only cross-platform freeware synths. Beatzille is a unfortunately no longer available for free only via a physical magazine purchase BEAT Magazine Workzone.

Die besten 50 Freeware Synthesizer für MAC & PC -

Cheers Tom. Good article and some excellent choices. Maybe do a similar article for major effects best delay, best free reverb etc. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Contact About Support Advertise with us.

Facebook Twitter Instagram Youtube. News Ticker. If you want to produce music, you need a digital audio workstation DAW and for some sound options also some good plugins.

Die besten 50 Freeware Synthesizer für MAC & PC

Surprisingly, there are some rare moments when you could not differentiate the sound, so powerful Synth1 can be. However, it is different from the Nord Lead in multiple aspects. Although the synthesis engine of the Nord Lead 2 is not flawless from a musician's point of view, still fine-tuned with much more attention to details. Finally the Nord subjective sound quality is especially pleasing — even with its lovely aliasing here and there In terms of the synthesis — without going into the dry explanation of the specifications, etc. The annoying issues listed below are preset dependent, so not reproducible every time, but once you have been working with Synth1 for a while, you will face them eventually:.

Sure, these effects exist to create some intentional 'mess', but they often make very sharp, sudden changes and weird noises without any transition even if you move the knob a little bit.


Filter envelope velocity changes may cause drastic volume changes, hence distort a preset quickly. There is literally no internal gain optimization , so you have to reduce the volume at certain sections to avoid instant distortion caused by unnatural gain increases - this is a great lesson for you when it comes to 'manual gain management in digital environment' anyway.

I recommend leaving the main volume at its default 64 setting and increase it only when you really need to.

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  • I even run into sudden changes in sound sometimes without any reason. I do not touch anything and the patch sounded different than some seconds ago. Unfortunately I can not recommend it version 1. The Synth1 VSTi development is very accidental, so you can not expect help when running into some problems like I did, and had to spend too much time to find workarounds Enough to be negative: Synth1 has an astonishing abundance of presets.

    FREE Plug-ins for Music Production - 2017 - Synth1

    After a quick Google search you can literally download tens of thousands presets in huge organized preset packs. Add to this that you can load banks of presets, so essentially presets!