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  1. iPhone Contacts Not Syncing with iCloud? Try Out These Tips to Fix the Issue
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Step 3.

iPhone Contacts Not Syncing with iCloud? Try Out These Tips to Fix the Issue

Now, you need to deselect all the third-party accounts like Yahoo, Gmail. Step 4. Now, turn off your device. Wait for some time and then turn it on again. If your iPhone Contacts are still not syncing to iCloud, turn off the iCloud syncing and then turn it on.

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Now, reboot your device. Then, turn on this switch. Step 1. If your iPhone is not running the latest iOS version, make sure to update it. Some miscellaneous issues are known to crop up when devices are running the old iOS versions. Before you follow the steps; make to connect your iDevice to Wi-Fi. You might like to read: iPhone contacts disappeared? Tips to bring them back , and how to fix iMessaging not working issue.

Move "On My iPhone" Contacts to iCloud | EPR Creations

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First: Back Up Your Contacts

Set up all your computers like this, and they will automatically synchronise to each other. If you put a new contact into one computer it will be on the other computer in a matter of minutes. You can sync lots of things over iCloud — mail accounts, safari bookmarks, notes, iCal calendars etc.

[Solved] iPhone Contacts Won’t Sync with iCloud

I normally have them all turned on except that with the iPhone 5 there was a bug with Safari bookmarks so I have that turned off. There is no way to do this from within iCloud, but there is a way using a different account. If you have addresses entered into a different account, such as hotmail, Gmail etc, they will not sync to your iCloud.

Because of this, if you have contacts in Gmail that you would like to share across multiple devices, you need to export them out of Gmail and into iCloud for them to sync using iCloud.

How to Export iPhone Contacts to your Mac or PC

To do this:. If you enable iCloud, then all contacts on your iPhone and computer that are in iCloud will sync automatically across all devices that are logged into that iCloud account. Hotmail and Gmail contacts will sync from hotmail and Gmail to any iphone that is synced with that hotmail or Gmail account, but not to other devices via iCloud.

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