How to install titanium sdk on mac

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Can you run on the device? Actually, officially Appcelerator do not have Linux support. So I can not say you sure it will work. But I know someone who can run. JDK 8 64 bit 3. So try to install the CLI manually via the terminal respectively. Finally setup Android SDK through the terminal appc ti config android.

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At first, download the Android SDK then place it inside the"C:" directory and show the location to the. X, v7. If you face any issue then try to setup android SDK via the command prompt.

We have a common unit test suite intended to run across all supported platforms. To invoke the tests, you must create a local build of the sdk via the steps above and have an sdk zip in your dist directory. Then you'd run:. The common test suite generates a single titaniun project targeting the specified platform, builds the project for emulator, launches the app on the emulator and then runs a series of tests defined via ti-mocha and should.

The tests spit out their results to the console log, and the test scripts listen to the logs to gather the results. We then generate an overview on the console as well as a junit report xml file to be consume by CI build systems like Jenkins. The tests folder acts as an override folder for the common suite.

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Appcelerator Developer Center Q&A Tag Feed (install)

Any files living within that directory are copied on top of the common suite's app structure. For example, if we want to test a new Ti. If we want to edit the set of tests for the Ti. We do not have any automated process for merging the modified tests from the tests override folder back to the common unit test suite.

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As a result, we need to manually 'migrate' the modified files back to the suite ourselves. This involves copying the modified folders to a clone of that repository on the same mainline branch i.

GitHub - appcelerator/titanium_mobile: 🚀 Native iOS-, Android- and Windows Apps with JavaScript

A future improvement could be to modify our Jenkins build in Jenkinsfile to automate this merge back to the common suite if all tests run and pass on a mainline branch. Appcelerator is a registered trademark of Appcelerator, Inc. Titanium is a registered trademark of Appcelerator, Inc.

How to install Android SDK on MAC

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Sign up. Branch: master New pull request. Find File. Download ZIP. Sign in Sign up. Launching GitHub Desktop Go back. Launching Xcode Launching Visual Studio Latest commit f7fb Jul 9, Titanium Welcome to the Titanium open source project. Completely extensible via Module API and Hyperloop for building your own controls or extending capabilities And much, much more see our Documentation for more infos.

Configuring Android SDK and Titanium Developer

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