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You make him sound like a money-seeking asshole. But I like him. He decided to take what was going on around him and turn it into something good that he and his fans enjoy. His lyrics are powerful and he inspires me so much everyday to go out and do something constructive with my life. It's one thing to not like Ice Cube.


Birdman & Juvenile Announce New Album "Just Another Gangsta 2"

You have your opinion, I have mine. But a whole analytical article about one guy? No matter what you say, Ice Cube isn't going anywhere, honey. He's not ready to slow down and his kick ass music and bad ass movies aren't about to be forgotten either. I will always defend Ice Cube no matter how much shit everyone talks about him lately. I think it's just stupid, people putting so much time and effort talking shit about someone they supposedly hate.

If you don't like him, you don't like him, you don't need to spend hella time writing a whole article about him. I couldn't even read this whole thing.

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Ice Cube seems like a nice guy. He came from a rough neighborhood and rapped about what he saw. It was never about encouraging people to do violent things. He's speaking out about what he grew up around. And as for calling himself a gangsta, I guess you haven't really listened to some of the lyrics in his songs.

He does say that it's just a persona. So calm down! I was at Method Man Redman show tonight and one of my best friends of over 20 and I got into a conversation where I literally explained why Ice Cube is a studio gangster and a fake ass bitch then after the concert I googled "what gang is Ice Cube affiliated with? So I thank you for writing this and backing it up so thoroughly. I have felt this way since Niggazforlife when Ren says "Only reason niggas pick up your record is cause they thought it was us.

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It ain't gonna happen, I keep rappin'. Miss World is the oldest surviving major international Beauty pageant. It was created in the United Kingdom by Eric Morley in On the other hand, the Miss Universe pageant is run by the Miss Universe Organization, which is currently owned by business tycoon and United States president elect, Donald Trump in a joint venture with broadcaster NBC. Cindy Breakspeare is the mother of Grammy-winning reggae musician Damian Marley, born in , and arguably Jamaica's very own Barbie since apparently she was the most beautiful white girl in the world in I knew that when that album dropped as it was common knowledge to any hard core Bob Marley fan which Ice Cube claims to be.

Since both those albums and then the nonstop Hollywood fluff movies, that no self respecting gang banger would ever appear in yet he's been in, I've been calling bullshit and this article backs it up.

Snoop Dogg discography

Thank you sir!!! There's a long history of him being called out as a fraud, dating back to the 90's Man, quit hatin. Cube is a businessman, pure and simple. He writes, produces, stars in, directs and is the executive producer of many of his own films such as the barbershop series, the Friday series, and recently one of the producers of Straight Outta Compton.

One of the best urban films ever made. Ice Cube's son Oshea Jr. O'shea Jr is the only real character in that movie that really lived that era of Straight Outta Compton, he was raised by it. On each album, he bases his material on what social issue is hot at the moment. Ice Cube has mastered that trick better than anybody. He's a businessman and that's it. You always got people who are jealous and envious of other people and their success. And to the author of this article, your a major hater. And you stop going to shows, buying his music, paying to see his movies, and decide you wanna boycott him altogether, go ahead cause for everyone of you who won't none of Cube's material, it's about 10 million more people who will and do.

And that ain't stopping him from making. Man, you really don't like Cube. Do you? His rap persona is just that, a persona. You couldn't be more wrong. As much respect as I have for Eazy's vision, there would have been no Dopeman or Boyz in the hood without Cube and Dre. Cube put Compton and south central on the map. Are you a writer or just acting like one?

Perhaps the editor here is the fake. The word is recurring, not reoccurring. Cube is a legend. You youngsters dont have a clue about that golden era. Cube ran shit and had love all over the globe.

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He marginalised himself by taking that West stand with the WSCG, Sure, hes not the lyrical power he once was but who else is? If you actually knew dude and the history of the LEnch Mob you would know he changed up his focus around He went from political reality rap to ignorant gangsta. An for one damn reason. Hits out on his, his familys and his crews life. The Lench Mob got infiltrated.

Its touched on in the movie. Ask anyone down and they will tell you. As for petty little money fueds, yeah. Cube had beef with a few. A lot of that shit was dumb too. King Sun got at him for using 'wicked'. Ask anybody who was down. Straight up geek style. Cube been do it for a long while now. Yes I am a fan. Even back to NWA. Most rappers now days can't even rap. They mostly all suck. They all vote each other style. I bet you one of them so called rappers. Wearing them dumb skinny jeans and sagging with a little ass shirt on.

This new style rap is whack. Can't get more thug then the 80's and 90's. This is why I don't listen to mostly all new rappers. They burnt. People like you don't even know what it's really like. Where you grow up at? Theres a comment that says Ice Cube is not from California lol. And im tired of journalist talking about gangsters and the hood. Most black or latino neighborhoods are considered the hood, and are full of a variety of people.

Monster Kody said Ice wasn't putting in work, because Monster Kody was in think of color wars, and was a killer himseld. John Singleton has already admitted in an article that Ice Cube was surrounded by Crips. Its annoying that people who didnt go to school with trouble making teens, some who were in gangs, but grew up and became tax paying citizens, believe that people like this are a fairytale.

Its even more amazing that they are given this platform. I ask the question about the illuminati because there are some who believe that a person can't reach a certain amount of success in the industry without repping them and the occult to the public.

Ice Cube Exposed | Spinditty

Is Ice Cube another entertainer who is an illuminati puppet? NWA made excellent music. They invented a new genre called gangster rap. This genre is about gang-bangers but none of NWA were gang members. In 's 's, from a gang-banging point of view, if you claim "you're from Compton" gang-members from L. Nowadays, Hispanic gangs control Compton and Watts. They only lived there some. Meanwhile, the real gang-bangers in Compton were killing each other.

Also, the other gangs outside of Compton were blasting because they're just as crazy. Some dead, others in jail; others cripple for life; others survived. Gangs from Compton not only had problems with gangs in Compton but with the other gangs from L. If you lived in Los Angeles but born after 's you would assume NWA were gang members because they dressed like gang members and they talked like gang members.

Dr Dre was a DJ there! He could sing, dance and DJ, too. In 's 's, in Los Angeles, most gangs would jump you in; not too many people were like in ICE CUBE position just "hanging around" or being "affiliated" with them. Maybe that would work in Compton but outside of Compton, in the greater Los Angeles, you were getting jumped in, ese 13 seconds, 14 seconds or 18 seconds. This fool didn't even go to a High School were gang members went, he went to an "all white school". So, he had the luxury of not being hit up. This article is Wack Cube fell out with a couple people so what sgit happens.

As far as living what he raps. If you grew up in South Central LA trust me you lived that life. And there is not 1 Gangster Rapper in LA that says he is not reputable. He just happened to come from a 2 parent household and was smarter than the streets And when they say he never helped young westcoast artits.

Thats not true. He had the Lench Mob. He helped Mack 10 get on. Wow - so he did not live the life he rapped about, so what. He was a musician, I enjoy his music. So he never robbed people, sold drugs Eazy , hit women Dre , I respect him more as a person for it. I don't see the point to this article, A lot of country singers never rode a tractor, it don't take away from the music.

Would you be happier if Cube had shot a few people growing up? You stated that Cube went to a school outside his district. He was raised in a two parent household. He was not a gangster. Ok, what is wrong with this. As a parent, I work Hard so my children would have and live in a better environment. Cube knew he wanted more in life then to repeat the same era in life.

Yes, his rap has explosive language but that what sales. You have the right to buy the CD or not. Rap will never die, another artist will come alone a repeat the genera. We all have done things in life that we are not proud of but the choices he made were business decision. I'm sure you wouldn't put all your hard work in a job and not get paid for it.

Please lets stop putting each other down. We can't talk about the white man killing us and we are killing each other. Please explain to me why Dr. King, Medgar Evers, Malcolm X and many more have passed on. Don't let there memory become senseless. They passed so we can achieve today Read this quote --The three great essentials to achieve anything worth while are, first, hard work; second, stick-to-itiveness; third, common sense.

Well the fact that this writer does not know that Ice Cube has a daughter speaks to the strength of the fact checking. Being from La comes with an awareness of facts wether you actively contribute yo the facts or not the culture and climate that surround the residents is constant. Please do not discredit a person solely based on the fact that they come from a two parent home or were bussed to school, that is a typical theme in Los Angeles especially in the 70's and 80's.

We dont want everyone to be murderers so if he was merely infuenced by the street that's cool because the streets have an enveloping impact on most even closely tied to them. Also it seems you really don't know anything about the "hood". Hundreds of black teens were bussed to the valley from South Central so that white schools could have more diversity.

Agreeing with all the people who think this article is bullshit. I'll tell you what's wrong with America's perception of Ice Cube and all other West Coast particularly LA rappers is that you guys think you know what it means to live in the streets of South Central. In South Central we love Cube and Dre not because of their gangster lifestyle they've been accused of adopting. The rappers like Ice Cube we love do. That style that you joked Ice Cube is still rocking is the style that dominated white suburbia for a couple years.

So I think whoever the hell wrote this article got some major problems with the facts. Whoever's white ass that wrote this needs to look in the mirror and set straight.

Just another "Just Another Gangsta."

Raw footage talks bout doing the right thing and not making mistakes others have made from the past and learning bout yourself and examinining the reality around you. If yall agree just holla. Ice cube help put cali on the map as number 1 in gangsta rap,i seen him in my hood a few times,old is better,new booty are into that gay shit most new rappers thats out are,forget our history,neva an African American will always hate ,but love what them euro love,homosexuality ,etc. Everyone knows Cube wasn't in a gang or was really out in the streets like Eazy was, per se.

However, he was still from Compton and simply wrote about things that happened around him or things that was happening to his friends. And who cares that he went to high school in the valley or whatever? What's wrong with your parents wanting to send you to a decent school? I know plenty of guys who came from the projects or the 'hood' and went to very good high schools out in the suburbs I guess they can't claim to be from the streets or urban areas.

Give me a break. As for Cube still wearing Converse and Dickies He's representing from an era which many people are still fans of and also the era frm which he, himself, came from. Nobody would hate on the Rolling Stones for being old men and still wearing t shirts, jeans and boots while performing But if Cube was wearing 50 gold chains, big ass Jesus piece chains, Louis V belts, a Gucci leather snap back hat, and tight ass fitted pants, he would be deemed a sell-out and not staying true to his roots Again, Cube was no killer, no drug dealer, nothing but he was simply rhyming about what was happening around him.

As NWA called themselves, they were street reporters, reflecting what was going on around them through their music. The only thing that I found surprising in this one-sided pure hatin' on article is the fact that he dissed the new west coast rappers but if the blogger of this article claims to be tellin' the truth, then he would have given us the benefit of the doubt by giving us the other side of the story 'coz we live in a factual world where we deal with facts and proofs. Everyone knows that Ice Cube wasn't born or raised in California. He himself told people in the late 80s that he was going back to Arizona to study.

The amazing thing was that he left his old life of middle class affluence to experience and report the streets of Compton, the most dangerous area of LA. So, yes he is a real G. So many people dress like gangstas in the suburbs, but how many have left and lived that life? Only after joining Westside Connection did Ice Cube start rapping about being gangsta. Until then he talked about social issues and hood problems. Even now he raps about social issues. Also what is wrong with him being old school. He was the face of the West for nearly 15 years, he can do whatever the heck he wants.

Also, you conveniently forget to mention that Tupac modelled himself after Ice Cube and Common had and still has mad respect for Ice Cube. Also, don't tell me you wouldn't star in a movie if you got paid at least a mil to do so. The only legitimate arguments that you can bring on Ice Cube is that he is known for jacking beats. But don't run your mouth on Ice Cube and gangsta rap, like you know his life. Like the famous rapper once said, "9 out of 10 of you guys hating on gangsta rap don't know what the fuck y'all talking about.

He has avoided any major scandal and has been married for 25 years with 4 kids who all seem to be doing well in life. A celebrity his status shouldn't have that cordial of a personal life. I think his wife is happy with him and their family, because she still lives with him. Don't try to make yourself relevant by dissing a guy based on your opinions and pretty well-known facts about Cube. Get on your knees and repent and pray to The Holy God it will lead you straight to Christ that's a Promise, that's if you honestly want and need the Truth!!!

The truth hurts but lies kill!!! He could care less of you!!! Christ is pure love Satan is pure Hate. There are two path the right one and the wrong one.. Choose wisely! Some valid points. Ice Cube is primarily an entertainer. Nobody hates on Al Pacino for not being a real life gangster.

I'm one of the young rappers that's tryin to come up. And I idolized Ice Cube, Dr. Dre, Biggie Smalls and all the rappers you clam to be negatively influence young minds. But if these kids are already growing up in these situations, it makes young guys like me feel better about the place I grew up in. To know, where all the greatest rappers in history grew up in, came up from bein that low.

Makes it feel possible for people like me. Ice cube wasn't putting down young rappers in that concert, he was tellin us to not fuck with an original like him. In my own, I wouldn't mess with an icon like Cube and Dre. They put all this on the map for young rappers like myself, you have to respect the innovators that brought you what you have today. Let's look at Plato and Socrates. One experienced life the other recorded his observations in what took place in the experiences of the other.

I know he was very much apart of gangsta life, but one does not stay alive in the midst of kaos and being deep in the cut around different sets in the hood.

The Righteous Art of Nick Cave

His weapon of choice was his pen. Most kids in their youth was bussed to schools in the valley to get out of the hood and have a chance to thrive academically. He was separated from the neighborhood for this very reason. To minimize his affiliations with his friends or associates in our neighborhood that were thuggy gangsta's. At a time when our youth are struggling to read and write, his creativeness to lyrically express in the persona he portrays to save his own neck from being killed senselessly.

The cool part about growing up in Los Angeles is the opportunity to become an entertainer, but that does not make a person any less gangsta than the rest. It meant the opportunity to earn an income to get out of the hood became possible. With the ability to articulate the undeniable unique sounds pulsating beats in West Coast rap has it own flavor.

All ghettos are not the same. I think when a man has to choose between being trapped in ignorance and immaturity, he had to decide is that the way a boy becomes an established man. Entertainment kept him busy so he would not have to sell drugs. Earning an income beyond minimum wage for a young black man was the best thing that kept his gangsta closer to home, for good reasons, he was a husband and father at an early age.

You cant knock a man for his hustle. Because his greatest weapon has been his mind and pen, not a gun. But I am sure with all the haterism that comes with volatile people. He probably has to keep one at home. That is gangsta. By the way he did pave the way and open the doors for many artists to be heard, whether their opinions in the lyrics were relevant or not. Art is a depiction of life and he could not have rapped it if he did not live it.

A thug has to evolve into a Don or just end up broke, in jail, and dead in the game. Historically, the gangsta rap movement was a distinguishing cry out from our communities deprivation from drugs, violence, and lack of education. I think even now he has solidified himself as a businessman and artist. We can have rappers that can tell it like it is without being caught up. Freedom of speech does not mean we are going to like or agree with what everyone says in song or speech, but to be a modern day storyteller takes courage.

Going back as early as pioneers like Melle Mel, who was one of the first street-certified MCs in rap, hip-hop had its fair share of imposing figures during the s, including Just-Ice, Eric B. While there were more than a few fearsome figures in rap, much of the music made prior to -- when acts like N.

Cinderella Man (7/8) Movie CLIP - Braddock vs. Baer (2005) HD

But by the time hip-hop crept into the s, violent overtones were the norm in rap songs, drawing the ire of political pundits and activists who were appalled by the content featured in the culture's songs. That decade would see hip-hop continuously come under fire due to controversial lyrics. The critics perceived the lines as promoting violent acts and criminality under the guise of "keeping it real. If he could cogently break down how to leverage influence and cultural capital into tangible value like a tech CFO, his actions radically diverged from the waves of gentrification-frenzied vultures destroying major American cities.

He realized the ideal potential for what could be done with rap money. He bought a neighborhood burger restaurant, a fish market, and a barbershop.

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He donated shoes to every student at 59th Street Elementary School and financed improvements on their playground and basketball courts. He employed countless neighborhood residents and paid for funeral arrangements for the fallen. In February of last year, he cut the ribbon on a combination co-working space and community service hub off Crenshaw. Just two months ago, he closed escrow on the shopping plaza that housed his Marathon store, with plans to build a unit residential building on the property.

If his evolution stopped there, his spot within the firmament of L. Of course, there was his long-awaited Victory Lap , his finest work, which received a Grammy nomination for Best Rap Album. If most gangsta rappers in their early 30s have already peaked, Nipsey seemed to be just entering his prime.

He was built to be a boss, and success agreed well with him, adding an imperial swagger to his music. And both clearly shared a revolutionary fervor, dedication to exposing the truth, and deep love and desire to build up the culture and community that nurtured them. It was sharp-edged soul music that stabbed you in the aorta and marrow. If Nipsey made it, so could you. Yet you never forgot the hard-fought battles that allowed him to acquire such immutable wisdom, respect and strength; it was this ability to transcend and embody the struggle that made his music and his integrity unimpeachable.

For today and tomorrow, and for the foreseeable future, an entire city and coast are in deep, unshakeable mourning at the loss of a true hometown hero.