Setup vpn server on mac mini

Setup a VPN server with macOS Sierra server 10.12

  1. How do I setup Mac mini server as VPN ser… - Apple Community
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  4. Restoring Mojave’s “missing” VPN server with VPN Enabler
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How do I setup Mac mini server as VPN ser… - Apple Community

First, go to the Firewall setting and be sure your proper ports are open. Or, you can choose to allow all traffic. For Macminicolo customers, that is Next, open up Server.

The service will be running already but we need to make two changes. First, we will need to change the subnet.

Setup Port Forwarding

It will default to Next, you can decide the range of IPs that you want to assign. For instance, if you anticipate 50 users, you would use a range of fifty. At this point, disable the VPN Server, wait 20 seconds, and enable it again. Next, open up terminal so we can we can run one command.

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You'll be prompted for your admin password. This is the command: sudo serveradmin settings vpn:Servers:com. After that, your VPN server should be active and ready for connections.

If you go back to your network settings, you'll see that the IP address has changed from what you originally set. Note: Although Tunnelblick can be used to control an OpenVPN server, it is most useful when there will be only one type of user of the server. There are programs specifically written for controlling OpenVPN servers which allow you to control individual users of the server and contain many server-specific functions that are not included in Tunnelblick.

Whenever you quit Tunnelblick or you log out, which causes Tunnelblick to quit , Tunnelblick will leave "when computer starts" configurations connected, but close all other configurations that are connected. Tunnelblick then either asks the user for them using a dialog box, or retrieves them from the currently-logged-in-user's Keychain if the user had previously asked Tunnelblick to save them in the Keychain. That doesn't work for "when computer starts" configurations because no user is logged in.

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There's no way to display a dialog, and there is no Keychain available. However, you can change the OpenVPN configuration file so it will work. Your browser does not support HTML5 video tag. Click here to view original GIF.

Restoring Mojave’s “missing” VPN server with VPN Enabler

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