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Table Tracker, exclusively available within PokerTracker 4, is one of the most powerful table selection tools available. This service will scan tables at your favorite online poker rooms, cross-reference players against your PokerTracker 4 database, and tell you which tables offer the best action. The information is laid out in an easy-to-read report and you can even set up custom filtering and scoring to keep the results as personalized as possible.

Table Tracker is shipped with 25 trial searches and can be unlocked by subscribing to the paid service.

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One of the keys to improving your win-rate is finding the best possible tables, or as the regulars call it, table selecting. TableTracker is a table selection tool that is an integrated service within PokerTracker 4. It will help you find the best tables to be playing at in order to maximize your potential when you start a session. The PokerTracker server scans all of the major online poker sites and knows what players are sitting at every ring game table. TableTracker grabs this server-side information and provides table stats based on your local hand history database on each player.

Hey Nathan I was away on vacations last week but still managed to read the two post that came before this. It's funny to me now how things started to move better when I started taking table selection more seriously, out of those 19 things you talked about last week there aren't as many as I'd thought I'd have to work on. Personally I tried a tracking software called Poker Office before trying and loving HM2, then I just played a bunch of hands on Winner Poker I think and got it for free.

Poker tracker keygen Free Download

I'm wondering, nowadays how many hands are you currently playing on a normal day? Keep up the good work! Take care!

PokerTracker 4 registration

Thanks for reading as always Jorge! And I am glad to hear that my table selection methods are helping. HM2 is definitely a good option as well which I am very familiar with also. I would definitely just stay with that if you are happy with it. PT4 is basically a different version of the same thing. It is all over the place with my play these days. Some days I might put in 5k hands, some days or even none.

PokerTracker 4 registration

Just depends what I am doing on that day. Thanks again! Thanks for the rec Michael. I have heard good things about Equilab before and I just tried it out myself. It looks great and I have added a link to it in this article. Hey Nathan, have you tried StarsHelper?

Hey Andres, I used StarsHelper many years ago when it was free. I didn't even know that they went to a paid model. I really would not want to comment on it since I haven't used it in so long. But if it has all of the options that you want and is updated promptly when poker sites change their software, then it sounds like a good alternative and cheaper. I recommend Table Optimizer.

Bovada Poker Stats Tracker for Mac. It's Free!

Its like TN2 but itse cheaper and gets the job done. On another subject, Nathan your posts seems more frequent theses last days. Glad to see you sharing with us your thoughts, recommentations and I hope you keep up with it. I think you have hit the golden balance between volume of info, frequency of messages and depth of ccontent. I actually am thinking of taking your posts and creating a book of them, having it in my tablet to read like a book or so.

That is how good I think your posts are. Thank you. By the way, PokerStove has long been discontinued. I also have seen Equilab nice one , but if you or anyone else has any good alternative recommendation, please share it with us. Greetings from Greece. Hey Thanos, thank you so much for the kind words! I have had a few other people suggest putting my posts together into a book. I may get around to doing that one day and offer it for free or as newsletter signup gift. I have updated the link to PokerStove in this article.

Poker Copilot free download for Mac | MacUpdate

Hopefully this one works for you. I have also included a link to Equilab. I agree that it is a good alternative. I'd like to recommend a similar software to PokerStove, which is also free, it's called HoldemViewer, it's interface looks similar to PokerStove, it cannot calculate equiy with board cards, however it has other very useful functions like it can show the odds for all preflop hands one by one in a window vs.

I wish I could use table ninja on Bovada even though it's 4 tables max. At least I can use pokertracker, but the stats only last until the sessions end so never a big enough sample size for anything other than the basics. Heyo Nathan long time Reader big time Fan great read, I would just like to say that maybe you should add the new jivaro Hud with it's seamless design and functionality it truly looks like the future for what a Hud could be. Patch for Full Tilt.

Patch for Revolution Gaming Cake Network. Adds new feature - Stats Graphs. You can review your sessions with these graphs. Patch for iPoker sites Titan Poker , etc. Patch for Merge Gaming sites. Patch for PKR.

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Patch for Poker. Supports Cake Poker version 2. Patch for Tournament Indicator is the first online Poker Odds Calculator that supports new Cake poker software. Supports Sky Poker. Patch for Bodog. Supports Betonline Poker. Betonline accepts U. Patch for Everleaf network. Patch for Boss Media sites. Patch for Entraction Network. Calculateur de cotes de poker Winamax.

Added new functionality - Hand Replayer. You can visualize hands you played with the exact player stats and win odds for yourself and players with known cards. Patch for Bodog Poker. Patch for Merge Gaming Network Sportsbook, etc. Full support for Rush Poker tournaments on Full Tilt.

PokerTracker 4 installation

HUD supports Bodog not available for multi-table tournaments. Patch for PKR and Poker. Performance improvement for HUD. Bug Fixings. Added feature to auto-launch Holdem Indicator for new game tables. Color-coded text for HUD stats. Patch release for Party Poker.