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Why Do I Need DLNA Media Server Software?

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Not in all cases sharing works - for example, personally, we shoot most of our stuff in Canon's raw format, which obviously cannot be played straight away. Thus one of the first things I did with KRR was to make sure it would support most raw camera formats.

But I agree that streaming videos and music is more complex :. You can remove XBMC from this list as it's not designed as a server, just a client and is not compatible with all DLNA devices mainly sony has problems.


PS3 Media Server for Mac - Free download and software reviews - CNET unesopipukyd.tk

There are literally hundreds of posts on its forums regarding this issue. Ironically the development team seems to blame the hardware manufacturers, which is funny because every other program on this list has no such problems, I would therefore conclude the problem is indeed with XBMC.

XBMC is primarily designed to work as a media center, and that task it does very well.

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It is incapable of running in the background as a server for media files, something which the vast majority of people reading this page will want. I myself have my computer connected to my tv via HDMI, so if I wanted to play movies in this fashion I would simply use a media player and drag the window to the TV. After downloading both versions 11 and 12 of XBMC, I have concluded that it doesn't deliver on any of it's promises, which is a shame because it had such potential.

Well yes and no. If you're running a HTPC that is connected to your storage say you've got a couple of TB in that machine and you use it exclusively for video , then there's a good chance XBMC never stops running. You can then stream video through the house to other devices from your main HTPC. I've had success streaming from XBMC, I tested it for this article, so it does work in a server capacity albeit not in the background. I've also read the hardware argument in a lot more places than just the XBMC forums.

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Like it or not, a lot of the time the faults lie with the clients TVs, BluRay players etc I reply to everything I think warrants a reply - that's not to say other people don't warrant replies, but suggestions and "thanks" comments don't necessarily need my input. Other products mentioned here by commenters are fine but most of them cost more than the ones I've featured in the article.

Serviio didn't work properly with my Sony Blu-ray player. PS2 Media Server is the answer. I just wanted to make a note that KooRaRoo also has transcoding, supports AC3, DTS and all other audio and video and image formats, including 3D MPO and such , subtitles external and burned-in - burned-in are being beta-tested right now and will available with the next update and provides a fully customizable media library layout and an easy to use interface.

Hi Tim, Please excuse my ignorance on this I am new to it.

Option Two: Install Plex or Universal Media Server

Probably not, no. Your PVR would have to explicitly support the streaming outwards of the content on its hard drive, and I may be mistaken but I've actually never seen any such PVR. Of course, if you can do this then do let me know because that would be awesome. The best way to do what you want to do would be to set up a media centre PC with TV capture card and a ton of space. It might take time and patience, but if you really want to watch what you record on TV using your Mac then this should offer you a way to do it.

I vote iSedora. I tried most of the above about 18 months back some may have improved since then , but the only thing I could get to work seamlessly to all my devices Panasonic TV, Sony Blue Ray player and Xbox was iSedora. They don't seem to get much publicity, but just worked for me straight out of the box transcoding where required. Rob, give KooRaRoo a try as well - it wasn't around 18 months ago : iSedora is not actively updated - the last update was 2 years ago. Give it a try and let me know what you think. Big Thumbs Up Dennis. Actually yes, there was an issue in version 1.

The audio in MKVs probably cannot be changed by the device because it doesn't support multiple audio streams , but you can specify your preferred language in device properties, available from the Devices pane and KRR will fix it up for you. Thank you so much for this fresh article. I got so tired of reading old and outdated articles on the subject. Glad to see XBMC is still one of the fan favs.

I tried plex and wasn't a fan. One thing I did notice while researching this was that there are a lot of old projects that peaked in activity around and have since stayed dormant.

How Software Turns Your Computer into a Media Server

Probably due to the rise in popularity of AppleTV, cheap hard drives built in media centre storage and online streaming via Netflix, LoveFilm etc I guess I'll try something else. Top Deals. Email Facebook Whatsapp Pinterest Twitter. Enjoyed this article? Stay informed by joining our newsletter! Enter your Email. Read our privacy policy. So, every renderers manufacturer only implements partial support, while providing their own unique features beyond the spec There are a lot of available free media servers not mentionned here.

Nice overview. Has any other managed to provide pictures to a DLNA client? Tim is seems you are ignoring some of the other comment posters, is this not so? I'm curious as to who should I be replying to that I have ignored? Hope this helps :. Thanks Mike, I'm glad to hear that! If You manage to make it work, big thumbs up! Hi Petar! Thanks for the feedback! Thanks Tim, interesting article.

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Problem with most of these and that i tried is subtitles enabling, and google tv compatibility. Uh, what about Plex? Scroll down for the next article. What Is Offline Video Editing? However, PCs and laptops often require the installation of media server software so that it can organize and provide access to media file content in the same fashion as a self-contained media server. Windows 7 , 8 and 10 do have media server software built-in, but you must take steps to activate so that you can see or hear your selected media files on other devices.

A network media playback device can find files imported to, and playlists created by Windows Media Player 11 and above as your PC acts as a media server.

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Go to the Control Panel and search the term "media" using the provided search box and select Media Streaming Options under the Network and Sharing Center. You can customize the streaming settings further, but The default settings allow all devices on your local network to access the media files in your PC's media libraries. If your PC or Mac does not have pre-installed media server software that you can activate, if the already embedded software does not meet your needs, you can choose from one or more third-party options that can add or extend your computer's media server capabilities.

Each has its own, but similar setup procedures. When using media server software on your computer, it will search for media files in the usual places: The Pictures folder for photos; the Music folder for music, and the Movies folder for videos. Most media server software programs will also let you specify other folders where you have stored your media.

If you have stored your music or movie library on an external hard drive that is connected to your computer, you can list that as a folder.

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  7. Of course, the hard drive must be connected to the computer for the media server software to make those files available. Likewise, media server software must be running on your computer so that the network media playback device, such as media streamer, smart TV, smart Blu-ray Disc player, network home theater receiver, or other compatible devices can access the media files.

    Typically the software is set up to launch automatically at startup and run in the background when your computer is on, waiting for an outside device to access it. While this is convenient, it uses a lot of the computer's resources and may slow down your system. You may want to turn it off if no one on the home network needs to access the files on your computer.

    You can always launch it when you need to share content. Media server software not only finds media files and the folders they are located on in your computer but, using information embedded in the media files metadata , it also aggregates and organizes them into its own folders for more precise access. When you open the media server on your network media player device's list of sources, you can access the files either by "folders" that you have created on the computer or device, or you can open folders created by the media server software.

    The media server-created folders organize media files to make it easier to find files by grouping them together in ways that you may search for them. For example:. While all media server software works similarly, some have special features including what types of folders it can create, converting file formats transcoding , and compatibility with media libraries of particular programs. This is especially important for Mac computers as Photo and iTunes libraries cannot be accessed by all media server software. For added access flexibility, many media server software solutions including Windows 10 , are DLNA certified.

    Software that is DLNA certified assures that it can communicate with devices that are DLNA certified as media players, media renderers and media controllers.