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Managing Malware on the Mac

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It relies upon trickery, mimicry, and social engineering to induce unsuspecting users to open a malicious file or install a malicious program.

The Ultimate Guide to Mac Security 2018

So a virus is a type of malware, but not all malware is viral. As it happens, so far, much of the viral activity affecting OS X involved various Windows macro viruses. Sadly, a very real threat known as Flashback appeared in early It exploited a security flaw in Java and stealthily installed itself on Macs. Soon after its discovery, Apple issued software updates for OS X that removed the malware and corrected the security flaw.

Viruses, Mac OS X, and File Permissions

A virus can find many vectors to access your system. OS X is often the victim of attacks through Java vulnerabilities , so it'd be a good idea to disable Java if you don't need it. Often though, and I would say in most cases, a system being infected is the fault of the user sitting in front of the computer.

If you download an executable file that happens to be a virus, and run that, you'll be infected as well. This is why OS X prompts you every time you open a downloaded file that could potentially harmful.

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Do you trust the source? If yes, open it, if not, don't.

Free Antivirus for Mac OS X Lion

Normally, any executables you run should not have permission to change anything on the system in a large scale. A virus could delete files you own or potentially read private data, however it will not be able to completely wreck your system unless you've given it root permissions.

Basically, you do that by entering your user password. Never enter your password if you're not sure what you're entering it for.

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That being said, just visiting a website is not dangerous per se. Often though, malicious websites make you download infected executables — however most of these are targeted against Windows users, since it's the most popular platform. Keep it cool and … most importantly: Don't visit fishy websites. The words "warez", "cracks" and "serials" should make you suspicious, as well as anything claimed to be "free" when it normally costs money.

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    Viruses and Other Malware on Your Mac with Mountain Lion - dummies

    Also: Never, ever, ever browse the Internet as a user with elevated privileges. Well, OS X being Unix this is not as much of an issue as back in the Windows days, since elevating privileges requires you to type a password. But of course, if all you do is browse the internet, a guest account or restricted user would do too.