Mac virtualbox usb in use by someone else

Can't use an USB device in Windows 10 guest:

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As a virtual machine program, it needs to install Windows kernel drivers and system services. Like most programs, it also saves its settings in system areas. Portable VirtualBox is a wrapper for VirtualBox that turns it into a portable application you can install on a USB stick or external hard drive. It also provides a graphical interface for downloading VirtualBox, setting it up in a portable environment, and changing its options.

Price and Platforms

First, get started by downloading the Portable VirtualBox installer from vbox. Run the downloaded file and extract it to an external drive or wherever else you want to store your portable VirtualBox system. You can always move it later if you like.

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Launch the Portable-VirtualBox. After it does, click the OK button to unpack them. Launch the program again after it finishes unpacking files. The device cannot be bound to the virtual machine. What technical details could I post, to get assistance? I think I tried everything, it doesn't work.

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  • I will be posting my information as well so you can compare the output. Run the command "VBoxManage list usbhost".

    Run Android Using a Virtual Machine on Mac or Windows PC

    Here is mine: VBoxManage list usbhost You do not have the required permissions to view the files attached to this post. Tomorrow I will have time and patience to do further tests. How did you do that? You've tried it on a Win7 Host? Solved: VB 4.

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    • For example, when I tried to switch Windows 10 to Seamless Mode, it continued to display the Windows desktop, only without a frame. Parallels and VMware keep their software tools updated for current Windows systems, but VirtualBox users are doomed to wait.

      Install Portable VirtualBox to an External Drive

      VMware and Parallels automatically provide bidirectional clipboard support for text and images, and bidirectional support for dragging and dropping files between the Windows or Linux guest and the Mac host desktop. VirtualBox offers the same feature, but you need to turn it on manually.

      However, VirtualBox offers more fine-tuned control over bidirectional sharing than its commercial rivals. In all these virtualization apps, you can turn off clipboard sharing and drag-and-drop, but only VirtualBox lets you configure the clipboard or drag-and-drop features to operate one-way only, either from the host to guest, or vice versa. This can enhance security if you're experimenting with potentially harmful software on the guest, but you want to be able to import files or other items from the host system.

      If you want to print from a guest system, your host Mac system will need to be set up to print to a networked printer, not a printer connected via USB cable. You may very well need to search for help on the web before you can start printing. Briefly, use the VirtualBox settings dialog to switch from the networking method from NAT to Bridged and also make sure that networking is enabled. Then, inside your guest Windows system, use the Settings app to search for a networked printer. You may need to install the Windows driver from the manufacturer's website if Windows doesn't have a driver already available.

      Another potential problem is that VMware sets up networking through one specific network interface on your Mac, and won't switch automatically between interfaces if for example you plug an Ethernet cable into your MacBook when you don't have access to fast Wi-Fi. If you do this, you'll have to go to the VirtualBox settings window and switch the network adapter setting to match your Mac's networking. Parallels and VMware make the switch automatically and invisibly. A similar glitch got in the way of shutting down Windows guest systems.

      Like Parallels and VMware, VirtualBox has a top-line menu item that lets you shut down the guest machine smoothly and easily, as if you had clicked on the Start menu and chosen Shut Down from the power options. In VirtualBox, this menu item does nothing until you dig into the Windows guest settings and set the option that tells Windows to shut down when the Power button is pressed. As with so much else in the freeware VirtualBox, you don't get conveniences that you don't pay for.

      One integration feature that VirtualBox lacks is the ability to open files on your Mac system with Windows applications or open files on your emulated Windows system with Mac apps. In Parallels or VMware, this means you don't need to buy a Mac version of high-powered software that you already own for Windows. Instead, you can tell your Mac to use the Windows app in your emulated machine to open any files on your Mac that you would otherwise need to edit in a Mac-based copy of the software.

      Although oftentimes annoying to use, VirtualBox is an impressive app that shares enough features with its commercial rivals to make it worth considering—especially in security-conscious settings that insist on open-source software instead of proprietary apps.

      Usb device not mountable - Support - Parrot Community

      If want to run the latest Windows 10 apps on a Mac, then Parallels Desktop is your best choice and VMware Fusion is a good second option. However, if you only need Windows or Linux from time to time and you're willing to put up with minor inconveniences and limitations, then VirtualBox can be an indispensable tool.

      Bottom Line: VirtualBox is free, open-source, and works well for developers and hobbyists, but it's less ideal for anyone who wants to seamlessly run Windows and Linux apps on a Mac. Edward Mendelson has been a contributing editor at PC Magazine since , and writes extensively on Windows and Mac software, especially about office, internet, and utility applications.