Tec 9 vs mac 11


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  4. Whatever happened to the TEC-9 and the MAC-10?

mac 10 vs tec 9

But as many have already pointed out, it's looks are about where it ends for the hunk of metal. A friend of mine that had one took me out to shoot it, and it would be more reliable as a club than a firearm. They are notorious for cracking, jamming, and just about everything else you wouldn't want in a firearm.

Find out WHY he would want this as his first handgun and try to talk some sense into this lad.


Cobray & TEC-9 Magazines | Firearm Parts & Accessories - Gun Parts & Accessories

Best of luck to you sir. Originally Posted by X2 And if thats the case he should get a chrome like Don Johnson had. Don Johnson got all the ass.

Gun of the Week: MAC-11

And that is the pro's Think of it as a piece of crap with the ghetto reputation of a MAC without the reliability of Gordon B. Ingram's design.

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It's also an ugly fucker. I wonder when he starts pricing desert eagles.

I found both triggers to be terrible to me so the triggers are on a scale to me.. The Glock was a crisper suck and the XD was a more mushy suck. Both are reasonably priced and cheap to shoot. Cheap shooting means more shooting, more shooting means better skills.

Whatever happened to the TEC-9 and the MAC-10?

Re: Tec-9 Pros and Cons Please whats he want it for? If he wants different, get a Steyr. Page 1 of 5 1 2 3 4 5 Last Jump to page:. By Forced Outage in forum General.

M4 feedramps - pros and cons? I like to know of them. MadSquabbles , Sep 2, Joined: Jul 14, Messages: 3, Likes Received: 1, Skorpion, MP7.

Lord of Lies , Sep 2, Inside yards ballistics are very similar to 5. Maybe MTAR, but a little bigger. Jory , Sep 2, Joined: Aug 15, Messages: 2, Likes Received: MTAR has virtually eliminated the rationale for sub-machine guns. The MTAR with 5.

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CouchStud , Sep 2, Joined: Oct 12, Messages: 19, Likes Received: 8, Just a Full Auto G Cheese , Sep 3, MadSquabbles , Sep 3, Joined: Mar 7, Messages: 12, Likes Received: 24, Sawed off Shotguns for the near sighted goons. I'd buy'em cheap ammo too, no need to waste money. The original version was in. Lord of Lies , Sep 3, I'd equip my crew with the P Strychnine , Sep 3, MP5 would be my choice.

Uzis are notoriously inaccurate.